2000 Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Problems...Help!

irishpuffmanirishpuffman Member Posts: 1
Hello all, I’m having some shifting problems with my 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix. I’m not sure what the transmission is, but I know the engine is a 3100. Anyways, the car seems to shudder when it gets around a certain number of RPM’s. For example, when driving in a 25 MPH zone and I try to maintain the RPM around 2100 to 2300 to accelerate, the car will at random times shudder. A few weeks ago the service engine light came on. After having it diagnosed at one of the local shops, the diagnosis read that it was the Torque Converter Clutch Selenoid Circuit Switch was stuck in the ON position. The mechanic pulled the pan and filter, showed them to me, and flushed the transmission. After he showed me the pan and filter, he assured me not to worry because the transmission seemed to not be shedding any metal. The mechanic told me the reason for flushing the transmission was because some of the valves in the tranny were sticking and causing the TCC Switch to stick. He added a transmission additive and explained the problem should work itself out. Well, a few weeks later the problems started up again and the Service Engine Light came on again during the middle of a long drive. After having the car diagnosed again at one of the local auto parts retailers, I received the same diagnosis. The Torque Converter Clutch Selenoid Circuit Switch stuck in the on position. Can anyone tell me what this switch is? How to get to it to change it out? Should I take the car to a transmission shop to have the tranny pulled and power flushed or manually cleaned? Help!!!


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    I have a 99 GTP with the same problem. My Dad seems to think it could be a misfire in one or some of the cylinders. Or it could be a clogged trans filter or a transmission selenoid that is bad. The theory with the spark plugs is that the computer knows if there is a misfire and tries to adjust the RPM's according to engine load to keep the car going, so the computer will tell the transmission to drop a gear to raise the RPM's. My car only hunts/shutters (my engine RPM's go up and down very rapidly) under a light to mild engine load. Once the RPM's are up, it goes away. My car does it cold or hot. It just started to do it about two-three years ago. I am going to try to put back in the OEM spark plugs and change the transmission fluid and filter. See what happens I guess!
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    "I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT and is having same problems around 2000 rpms. What was the fix that corrected this problem.
  • reginahreginah Member Posts: 3
    I seem to be having a similar problem, the car jerks at both low and high speeds usually on acceleration, hadn't really noticed the rpm. I hope someone can help us on this. I refuse to go to a GM dealer, they are full of crap and just extort money from you and the problem still exists. They don't know what is wrong with their own cars. I really like this car when it works, it has had many small issues that seem can't be resolved by anyone. You just have to keep driving and ignore until one day, I'm sure it will die. I considered taking it to a transmission shop, I decided to come here first and surely enough, there are others having the same or similiar problems with older models. GM has really tarnished their reputation and I probably will not be purchasing another of their products unless they give me an offer I can't refuse, Like free.
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    The gas station I had been using for years started selling a gas/ethanol mixture without posting it at first. My car started to shudder while idling as if it was stalling. I switched gasoline brands, used a fuel injector additive in the gas tank for awhile, and the problem went away. 2000 Grand Prix GP 3800. I was using regular gas.
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    I Own a 2000 Grand Prix GTP and the transmission began acting strange 2 days ago. It will not engage on Drive or 3rd gears but it does in 2nd, 1st and Reverse. It didn't give any signs of problems before this. I'm thinking that it could be the selenoid but don't realy know. Can anyone offer some assistance?
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    Its weird, because my Grand Prix GTP is doing the same thing right now. I don't know what it is. It will not engage on D, 3,2, But will on 1 and R. So what I did was Start on D and shift accordingly to 2, then 3 when going at faster speeds. It worked for now.

    I do not know what to do. Then today when going 55, I changed it to D and it worked. But as soon as I stopped the Car will no longer go on D,3,2,1 But it will still work on R(revers). Have you solved the issue. I have a feeling it has something to do when changing gears or the transmission is not working.

    Have any tips.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964
    What year is your Grand Prix? I can look in the resources I have to see if there's any information that could be helpful.

    GM Customer Service
  • oldirty_rabbitoldirty_rabbit Member Posts: 7
    probably already solved this problem but it sounds like it could be a timing issue.
  • aaronporter39aaronporter39 Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever find a fix for this problem? My 2001 Grand Prix SE has the same problem
  • michaelstarr84michaelstarr84 Member Posts: 18
    Hello. I have a 2000 grand prix gtp 3.8 supercharged. I lost 2, 3, and D. Like stated above, i was able to cycle gears manually until exceeding some unknown limit, causing me to lose all forward gears. I dug deep. I rebuilt my transmission with a level 2 master kit, changed the solenoids, and replaced the torque converter. Forward band was broken along with some seals and thrust washers. Now replaced, i only have 1 back. 2, 3, and D are still missing. What is going on? PCM? PNP switch? Help!!

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