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Outlander Squeaks

rkellichnerrkellichner Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Mitsubishi
my wife owns a 2004 outlander that has rear end squeekage. ive tried to remove those accessable bolts to possibly lube or replace them to no avail. ive used wd40,blaster spray, pounded ,used a ball joint press but no avail. i tried spraying undercoating to help supress the vibrations but that didnt help either. idid get 1 shock bolt out, greased and back. that helped but not enough. how can I get these stuck sobs out?


  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    Squeak noises usually come from suspension parts that are wore off. Usually the suspension bushes have cracked, or dried out which allow the rubbing of bushes against the metal parts producing that squeak noise.

    You may do the following:

    (1)- The temporal solutions is to spray fully the suspension bushes (rear & front) and ball joints with silicone oil (spray). Silicone oil will not damage the bushes (usually made from rubber). Lift the front (or the rear) using 2-jack, put stands, and locate all the bushes and ball joints and spray thoroughly all with silicone oil.

    (2)- Do (1) and also remove the bushes that hold the stabilizer bars (front & rear) and replace for new ones (you may order these parts from your local dealer. Replace the stabilizer links that connect the stabilizer bars to the steering knuckle (part where the wheels is attached.

    Points (1) or (2) most probably remove your squeak noise. If you do this you may report in this column about your results.
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