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2010 Outlander XLS

leo67leo67 Posts: 17
edited July 2014 in Mitsubishi
Hi all,, just got my XLS
mine has a dull knocking sound that is heard while inside the car but not as loud when outside the way I can describe it is a bearing knock kind of noise, and it's engine speed sensitive.. not as noticable above 1K
doesn't happen when cold only when hot or at operating temps
Dealer says it's normal, so I made them show it to me
on another V6 outlander,, guess what the noise is not there, and we drove it to get it to operating temps,, and still no noise... tech says he hears it but very faint,,, well I must be efen deaf cause I didn't hear s**t

just curious if this is a common noise amongst the V6 engines.. thanks in advance


  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,348
    I've got a '10 GT with the same V6 and I can't say I've noticed any knocking sounds. The engine makes a little noise when first started but just for a few seconds before it quiets down and it's similar to what any engine will do when cold.

    At operating temps I've not noticed anything. It's smooth & quiet enough that at idle I can barely tell it's running
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 991
    I've never heard a similar noise on my '07 V6 and I notice strange noises like that, they really bug me.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • leo67leo67 Posts: 17
    Also "Top techs" at dealerships bug me just as much as strange noises.. possibly more.......because they are liars

    They are the same motor right ? just want to be sure..
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,348
    Good morning Leo. Like the RAV4, Edge, Santa Fe, and other CUVs, there's just one V6 in the Outlander lineup: It's basically the same V6 that's been offered since 2007, but has been tweaked over the years. For 2010, for instance, power, torque, and fuel economy all went up a little.

    Back to your noise. You say it's louder inside than outside the car; that's unusual. Is your Outlander AWD? I'm kind of wondering if this is an issue with the rear differential or transmission and not the engine itself.

    Or, since it's only at temp, it could also be a heated up exhaust system expanding & causing the knock.

    Can you isolate the sound as coming from front v. rear and drivers v. passenger side?
  • leo67leo67 Posts: 17
    Thanks for that Info.

    Yes AWD (leave it in 2 WD) Yes louder inside but still can hear it outside,, hard to pinpoint, but definately sounding off in the front of vehicle,, I would even say center front of vehicle, because my girlfriend hears it too ( so I know I'm not nuts, if a girl hears it then it's def there)
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,348
    Well, I'm kind of grasping here. It could be something like a heat shield and not an actual piece of the engine/trans. But to be honest I'm not sure what it might be.

    If you've a camcorder or your cell phone does A/V recording, trying to see if you can record the noise when it happens. If you're stopped, get out & walk around the car, pop the hood, etc. Take it to your dealer and use the vid to provide more detail to the tech. Maybe hearing it in reality will help them isolate the problem.
  • leo67leo67 Posts: 17
    edited June 2010
    Doubt it's any kind of shield ( but ya never know)
    no vid needed, dealer confirmed that they hear a noise, what ticks me off is the that they dismissed it to be a normal noise W/O checking into it + the tech's BS replies.. we pulled out another V6 for comparison from thier stock, ran / drove it to operating temps,, and no noise, but the tech says it's there just not as loud, This S**T Head must have super canine hearing, cause I sure didn't hear a thing, except for the normal noises like injector tick,VVT tick and AC clutch engaging and disengaging I even made them drive it to the back away from the traffic/ road area for quieter surroundings... even at this quiet spot I still didn't hear the knocking sound, but boy genius insists that it's present...and actually convinced the salesman that the noise is there..."oh yea I do hear it" and what really pissed me off was his other answer "it's normal just drive it for a couple thousand miles and it'll quiet down, + you'll have the radio on anyway" and he also tried to compare it to a sportbike, "oh those really make alot of noise" Like I give a S**T about his damn bike or any bike for that matter. if you ask me I think this tech is lacking alot of skill / experience. I wouldn't even trust this guy to check my tire pressure
    Would any of the above answers be acceptable to you ?
    can't say much for the service manager either he was supposed to call me today with an update,, guess what, never got a call
    wish I could attach the list of issues that I made for the dealer .. It's 7 long
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,348
    Are there any other dealers in your area you can take it to? Speaking of, what is your area? I'm in the Chicago suburbs.

    I don't like to divert traffic away from Edmunds but you might also cross-post this to some other Mitsu forums or to the Mitsu FaceBook page to see if any others have had the problem.

    Another place to talk with other owners in person would be the Mitsu Owners Day - MOD. Here's the calendar: and I'll most likely show up at the Normal, IL one in September.
  • leo67leo67 Posts: 17
    edited June 2010
    Yeah that's my next step , then to the phone number that was provided, in the owners manual,, guess what the dealer found...... absolutely nothing, it's normal the car is 100%... I asked if a Mitsubishi tech looked at it he said yes, I was surprised that they got a regional tech in 1 day,, but further down the conversation, it was his top mech who looked at it, and will look at it again later to confirm things,, then I asked why would he confirm things if things are 100% ?? no answer thought I heard crickets in the background
    not to much mitsu forums out there, but I'll search again
    thanks for pointing out the MOD too bad eastr coast is a few months away...
    sorry I forgot I'm in the NY metro area
  • leo67leo67 Posts: 17
    Ok bought to another dealer,,they say its normal,,I still say it's not,, either way the noises were bugging me so I got out of the XLS and into a GT
    day and night difference quiet as can be,, my GF even commented on how the car sounds and drives...... I can actually hear the exhuast note now at idle..
    I'm sure mitsu will put out a TSB for this
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,348
    IMO the sound you're hearing is a one-off; unique (or nearly so) to your car & not Outlanders in general. It seems every service department, regardless of make, wants to declare "it's normal" when they encounter something that's hard to diagnose.

    So that we understand you .. did you compare the XLS to a GT or did you trade the XLS in on a GT?
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,348
    Outlander-ish news since it's got so many common components.
  • leo67leo67 Posts: 17
    Traded XLS for GT
    like you said it prob is a one off ,, but I had 7 noises that both dealers told me it's "normal" (and I honestly don't think they really looked into it, they have gotten so lazy in past decade, that they just wait for TSB's to appear ) sorry 27K for a car that does nothing but annoy me is not acceptable
    so another 2.5 K out of my pocket to get into the GT,, and for me even though it took me out of my price range was worth it... The GT is quiet as can be,, the 7 noises I was experiencing with the XLS is nowhere in this car,, except for the 3rd row seat..
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,348
    If your 3rd row seat is squeaking a little when folded flat, put a cargo mat on it to dampen the sounds. Putting 30+ pounds of weight will also do the trick; the weight will settle it just fine. But now that I've had my Outlander for a few months I don't notice it; I think it's stopped altogether.
  • leo67leo67 Posts: 17
    you probably are so used to it that you don't notice it anymore,, but really it's not that bad,, (maybe cause I know what the source is) and yes I have the all weather rubber mat on order
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,348
    edited July 2010
    No, I'm pretty sure I'd still notice it. Squeaks & rattle get on my nerves pretty easily. And with the hot weather here in the midwest I've been going with the windows up so it wouldn't be drowned by wind noise. I even occasionally drive without the stereo on. :D

    I've got the carpeted mat in there now. I probably should have opted for the rubber mat; I may yet order one for the future. I did get WeatherTechs for the front.
  • leo67leo67 Posts: 17
    you sound like my twin.. how did I get so anal with noises.. I know , I like my gear in top shape, this crap is not cheap!!

    I robbed the factory rubber mats from the XLS..... It's the least they can do (LOL)
    they have a small raised border to them like the WeatherTechs, so they should do a fair job in holding dirt, mud, snow, etc..
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,348
    My thing with the mats is I'd like them to extend forward to cover the floor when I have the 2nd row tumbled forward. After all, if I'm really hauling cargo & not people, shouldn't I be protecting the entire floor? Neither the factory mats nor the WeatherTechs have that option.

    Yeah, I'd say we're pretty similar. I keep my cars in top condition. I hate scratches, door dings, random noises, having one or two little things that don't work, etc. If it breaks I fix it. How can you enjoy the ride when things don't just work all the time?
  • leo67leo67 Posts: 17
    "Yeah, I'd say we're pretty similar. I keep my cars in top condition. I hate scratches, door dings, random noises, having one or two little things that don't work, etc. If it breaks I fix it. How can you enjoy the ride when things don't just work all the time?"

    Soooo true..

    I like that idea about full floor coverage, get to the drawing board submit your design, make a ton of money.. of course i get a free one to field test
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    I bought for my XLS a cargo cover that do what you said would like to have. Go to the Mitsubishi Motor Japan and download the accessory catalogue. Copy the part number of the cargo cover and take it to your Mitsu dealer (local). He/she will get it for you at a price (imported from Japan). I have done this when I ordered a car cover for my GT. He got it for me and now my GT is covered with it in Peru antil my return to this country next year.
  • leo67leo67 Posts: 17
    Thnks batman,, gonna check that later
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,348
    +1. Assuming I have anything left over after refinancing my house, anyway.
  • leo67leo67 Posts: 17
    Thought it was a good time to refi ?? some are even doing a little cash out with thier refi
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,348
    edited July 2010
    Dropping from 5.75 to 4.625 fixed. Will knock over $400 a month off the payment with only about $1100 out of pocket. Of course it's starting a fresh 30 years but I can use the interest deduction.

    Considering some cash out but haven't decided yet.

    Got the email PDF with the paperwork to sign. 31 pages and most need signing. I forgot how much home buying is designed to keep the paper mills in business.

    To keep this somewhat car-related, that $400 is a hefty chunk of my GT's payment.
  • leo67leo67 Posts: 17
    GL with the re-fi just go over the paper work a few times before commiting

    checked out the [non-permissible content removed] Mitsu site... no english conversion
    tried the usa site nothing in there that remotely looks like what bat-man was describing ????
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,348
    I've a trick when navigating non-English sites. I hover the mouse over links & look at the status bar at the bottom of the screen to see the URL that the link leads to. Most times they can be used to figure out where to click.

    The liner we're looking for is the lower left accessory at Unfortunately I can't determine a part number.
  • leo67leo67 Posts: 17
    Thanks for the tip and link,, guess also with a pair of scissors, a rubber mat from home depot, and a ton of patience............. might be able to repicate it
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,348
    Hmm. Actually that might not be a bad idea. Get a black or charcoal colored (my GT has the black interior) very low pile indoor/outdoor door mat and simply trim to fit. Rubberized bottom would make it non-skid and liquids wouldn't soak through.

    Would be a heckuva lot cheaper than any OEM or designed-to-fit aftermarket mat.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    Mitsubishi Motors, Japan updates its catalogues every year. The 2010 catalogue hasn’t shown information for the V6 Outlander anymore. In fact they present information about the latest Outlander compact (5-seater) 2.4L. There isn’t information for any V6 Outlander.

    I copied a pdf file (Outlander_AC_0811.pdf) from the Mitsubishi Motor Japan site that covers the accessory information for the Outlander V6 until November 2008. In this catalogue appeared the following Part# MZ522690 (Yens 12,600), Part# MZ522692 (Yens 22,050) and Part# MZ522693 (Yens 12,600). In 2009 I ordered Part# MZ522690 which is the cargo cover that covers the second and third row space (second row seats collapsed). In the USA only part#MZ522693 is offered. Although it could appear that those accessories are not on sale it is not true. They can be ordered.

    If someone could instruct me how to make available in this “forum space” this Outlander accessory pdf file I will do it.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You could just post the link you used to copy the pdf file.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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