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2006 CR-V--almost all indicator lights illuminated

macy22macy22 Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Honda
Today (a rainy day) I set out in my CRV noticing first that the battery light and then the parking brake light were illuminated. On acceleration, the VSA, ABS, DRL, and several others illuminate also (but not the engine indicator). When I slow down, the lights begin to disappear and when I come to a full stop the battery light and parking brake lights disappear too. No affect on the ability to accelerate. No unusual sounds, tugs, etc. Everything seems normal at a stop but it's "lights on" when I accelerate. Can't find any posting like this. Suggestions? Thoughts?


  • motoguy128motoguy128 Posts: 146
    edited June 2010
    It's very likely that a belt is slipping, since it only seems ot happen in wet weather. If the serpentine belt slips, the Alternator won;t spin fast enough to deliver enough voltage. The pump that operates the ABS systme requires more voltage than the ignition system. So the car will keep operating, and you'll still save pwoer brakes sicne that driven by engine vacuum, but you may not have ABS, or stability control which uses the ABS system.

    Might be time for a new belt, or a new belt tensioner. It's also possible the alternator or battery could have an issue. But I'd start with the belt. On modern cars I think they don't recommend belt dressing.

    That being all said, I'm not sure if that explains the DRL light or the parking light. But its' possible that a drop in voltage also affects those systems. The sensor for the parking brake igh be part of the ABS system. Wit ha drop in voltage, the DRL's might shut off to conserve power. You're ABS system is more improtant that DRL's. Also keep in might that as engine speed increases, your power demand increases, so the load on the alternator goes up. The Alternator capacity also increases with speed. It probably genrates peak torque load around 2000RPM and peak power around 2500-3000RPM. If hte battery is discharged, it will laod up the alternator to charge it.
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