What is wrong with this 1998 Mercury Sable?

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Driving home from work today my Sable decided to take a dive on me. I'm not amazingly saavy when it comes to car repair, so i'm hoping someone on here can help me.

The car started somewhat rough, and after driving a short distance, the ABS light came on. It's not a tremendously long drive home - so I decided to check it out when I got back. Soon after, the gas light came on (even though I had somewhere around 3/8 of a tank) and the needle on the fuel gauge started rising. The airbag light came on, and flickered on an off a few times (as with the ABS light). The battery killed, I lost my radio, power locks, power windows, power steering and I couldn't accelerate.

As I tried to make my way off the road and into a parking lot, I noticed the RPM gauge spiking and the car accelerating on its own. I shut the car off and let it sit for a minute - when I tried to start it up, it didn't even try to turn over, and I just received a series of clicks.

I popped the hood, and someone instantly pulled over to help out. I decided to jump it, and the car started as soon as the cables connected. Assuming the alternator would keep it going the few blocks I had remaining - I left.

The same problem happened again, except much faster. I lost all power and had to jump it one more time (I let it charge a bit longer this time) and I made it home. However, as soon as I turned the car off, I could not start it again without a jump.

Any insight?


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    Im scratching my head with one hand and my BU-- with the other, I didnt know about the Security code until my friend put an expensive reader on it the cheapo at the part store said "no codes" so I changed Crank sensor,Cam sensor, the coil pack has been swapped out so now it also has the "theft" flashing about once every 2 or 3 seconds, any ideas that you can throw my way?
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    99 ford taurus, I drive it a while and I stop on the way home from work, and I drive it short distance and it stalls, and woln't start. The engine turns over but woln't start. If I let the car sit for 30 minutes. I can start the car and drive the whole way home no issues? It's done this three times, and I'm scared to drive further/ I don't want to get stranded.
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    We have had similar problems with our '98 pickup truck. We had the fuel pump replaced, and that helped. However, it seems that moisture sometimes gets into the gas tank - this problem is particularly noticeable when the vehicle is around 1/4 of a tank full of gas, or lower. Doesn't happen when it's full.

    It sounds like it's going to start - turns over and dies. I can try 20 times in a row and it won't start. Then I wait 30 minutes, and it turns over the first time. If this sounds like your issue, you *might* try putting a product like HEET in your gas tank to remove the moisture. I do NOT recommend doing this long-term, as regular use will degrade seals and such. If you do this and it cures your problem, it may be an issue with moisture in the gas tank.

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    That "clicking" sound is the starter solenoid clicking in and out. The battery SOC is so low that it cannot "carry" the starter motor load. The other possibility is a poor connection at/to the battery posts. An event more common in the spring for some reason.

    Remove the battery connections, clean and burnish the battery posts and connections and retighten the connections. If the problem persists go to Costco and purchase a new battery.
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