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2006 Expedition, engine growls at start up

cobalt25cobalt25 Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in Ford
While still under warranty, my '06 Expedition began making a horrible growling noise for maybe a half second at start up. Although it would only do it occasionally, it sounded like the engine hadn't had a drop of oil in it for months. Not true, of course.

A local dealer looked into the situation and said it was related to the air conditioning system. He said if I turned off the system upon shutting down the engine it would go away. That was something I was unwilling to do, not for a vehicle that was so expensive to purchase. I had him write me a letter confirming that the situation existed while it was still under warranty. He claimed not to worry about it.

This summer the noise can be heard more often. Today, for the first time ever, it made the noise after turning on the AC while driving. So, what is up with this? Have there been any service bulletins on this issue. Should I be concerned?

thanks, Peter


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