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So I have a new 2010 Chevy Equinox and am wondering if I will encounter issues getting my 3,000lb boat (including trailer) out of the water. I am only going to trailer it 15 miles as the ramp is near home. I have the V6 engine but it is a FWD only. I am wondering if anyone else is using a V6 FWD to get up a boat ramp. I did put a class 3 hitch on as I have a smaller boat that I also use, but its the bigger one that I am concerned about, as I don't have AWD. Anyone else have experience to share on this?


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    Too many unknown variables to guess at: Ramp incline, construction, condition, how deep into the water will the trailer be - creating water friction and extra load. I've seen heavy green algae growth on ramp which becomes slick as heck when wet. A 3000 lb load that is being pulled uphill against gravity will have an actual load that is greater than 3000lbs.

    What does your manually say about towing capacity for the 6/FWD?
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    Look in your Owner's Manual in Section 8-61 - 8-63. You'll find a lot of useful information there.

    But according to the details you've provided, the Owner's Manual says that a V6 engine with FWD has a "Maximum Trailer Weight with Trailer Brakes" of 3,500 lbs. The Gross Combination Weight Rating ("the total allowable weight of the completely loaded vehicle and trailer, including any passengers, cargo, equipment and conversions) is 7,937 lbs.

    You should also read the section in the Owner's Manual regarding Weight of the Trailer Tongue.

    Unfortunately, there's nothing in the Owner's Manual about specific driving conditions, such as pulling a boat & trailer or using a boat ramp.
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    Well it sounds like it should handle it. I am going to try this weekend. The ramp where I go does have a metal grill type finish to it for extra traction so I imagine I should be ok. I will just put it in a low gear and go slow the first time and see what occurs.

    anyone else have and experience with their Equinox trailering a larger boat?
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