2008 Impala Rotor (Disk) Removal

kwhit60kwhit60 Member Posts: 2
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Hello Everyone,
I am changing my brakes and rotors on 2008 Impala LT. Can someone tell me what tool I need to actually remove the rotor off the hub? Is it the star shaped bolt (allen)on the disc? If yes what size would that be?


  • 4steri4steri Member Posts: 7
    It's not an allen or star. It's a torx and the size is T-30.

    Frank. :)
  • 1camaross1camaross Member Posts: 2
    i am trying to remove this torx T-30 also and it is not budging, i dont want to strip it, any sugestions? its not left handed is it?
  • 4steri4steri Member Posts: 7
    It's best to use a T-30 that goes on a ratchet, you'll get more leverage. Also wd-40 like hell. I know the feeling, it almost feels like 3 strikes and your out. Be patient and use lots of penetrating fluid.

    Good Luck.

  • 1camaross1camaross Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, i did finally get it out after penetrating oil, waiting a bit and the ratchet method.
  • gwells81gwells81 Member Posts: 1
    Is that torque screw the only thing needed to remove the rotor after the caliper is off? I removed that screw and rotor still felt solidly attached.
  • ldw4ldw4 Member Posts: 1

    I have a 2008 Impala, unable to remove rear rear rotors after removing the T30 retaining screw. rotors will not budge.

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