03 LS with bad coils not under warranty

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I just found out that my 2003 Lincoln LS has 7 out of 8 bad coils. I also understand that Lincoln extended the warranty on these coils to 10 yrs or 100,000 miles. My dealer is telling me that my coils are not under warranty because there is no evidence that they went bad from water or oil leakage from the head cover gasket. Does anybody know if this info is correct? It would seem to me that either the coils are under warranty or there not. Any help you can give is appreciated


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    That's not how I read it.

    http://www.allstatetrucks.com/Recalls/cust%20satisfaction%20recalls/07m07/R07M07- %20dealer%20bulletin.pdf

    If any of the above mentioned drivability issues are reported on an affected vehicle, dealers are to
    identify any engine cylinder that is misfiring and perform an ignition coil stress test on the affected
    cylinders. If the coil fails the stress test, dealers are to replace the ignition coil and associated
    spark plug. If any coil boot is contaminated with engine oil, dealers are to contact the Special
    Service Support Center for prior approval to replace the contaminated ignition coil boot, the
    associated spark plug and install a new valve cover gasket set. This service must be performed
    on affected vehicles at no charge to the vehicle owner.
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    I appreciate your response. I took the info you sent on the warranty extension with me when I picked the car up today. They said that the coils were not covered by the warranty because they had not "misfired" but because there was an "RFI concern from the coils". If I understand it correctly, the coils were sending a signal that was interfering with the throttle body signal and causing the car to go into failsafe mode. Both the service manager and the mechanic suggested that I contact Ford and ask them to include this concern in the warranty and reimburse me for the work done ($1,300). Would like your opinion of this. Should it have been covered? What are the chances Ford would reimburse?
    Thank you again for your response - I appreciate it very much
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    Were the coils actually replaced? If so then you'd have a good case. But RFI does not sound like the typical coil failure problem covered by the ext. warranty so I wouldn't be surprised if they said no. Won't hurt to ask though.
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    Yes, they said that 7 out of 8 coils were bad so they replaced all 8 of them.
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