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Simple park ave question

jcsavagejcsavage Member Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in Buick
i was curious its very hard to find a grill for a 96 park ave would one from a 91-94 fit is there any difference at all?


  • jcsavagejcsavage Member Posts: 3
    its not an ultra its just the base model and the grille is from the same base model park ave
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,151
    edited June 2010
    Your best bet is an oral request at a recycling yard.

    BUT, www.car-parts.com is your friend.

    Put in the info for the year you have, and then watch what parts it comes up with that are compatible with your request. That tells you what is most likely correct, but might not be perfect.

    I did that and it showed ONLY 1996 and 1995 grills. In my experience, if other years were interchangeable easily, it would have listed other years also. There may be a minor difference or major. A body shop guy or a junkyard guy might know for sure.

    prices range from $75 to $45 for those quoting a price. Note you can click on the location column and search for those closest to your area who list the part in stock.
    I recommend calling to be sure they have the part before driving there to see in person.

    Try a search on there, put in your zip code after the year, car, model, and choose Grill in the parts list!!!

    I picked up a replacement memory Muth turn signal mirror for my le Sabre that way. A yard in Toledo shipped it to me for $20 included in the paid price. Exactly as he said. Before he shipped he called me back to say there were scuffs on the mirror body in case I was counting on not painting it. They even list the color of the part in their listings usually.

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  • jcsavagejcsavage Member Posts: 3
    yea its funny 91,92 93,94 95,96 they all look the same but the grilles are just enough different to not fit doesn't make sense to me but oh well not a hole lot car companies do that makes a hole lot of sense
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