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    i have a 2006 sorento,2-wd with the sport package.radiant red w/tan for the fun 1800 miles i noticed an irritating rattle coming from the right top side of the dash,and have been in & out of the shop,contacting kia,etc.. of course,i don't have to tell you owners what that has been like !!the dealership has washed their hands,and i can't get these stupid people at kia to follow thru on anything.the rattle happens when the sun hits the dash,and the dealership tells me this is a 'characteristic' of the sorento.well,i drove 2 others with more miles than mine,it had 17 miles when i bought it last april,now has 7700,and no other sorento has made that noise.also,i love my car,but would like to put on a smoother riding tire,other than the michelin cross terrains,without having to have my speedometer recalibrated..any suggestions ???please contact me with any help at,[email protected]

    thanks for any input,not to mention help !!!

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    the characteristic is not commmon to the sorento....03 Ex here.....88K on it and no rattles at all....the OEM Michelins are junk...Im riding on BFG Rugged Long Trails and love them..same size tire....
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    please do me a favor,as i keep getting the run around from kia..i need help in getting as many responses to my email as possible reguarding the rattle.i just got off the phone with linda at kia motors of america,and she is stating the same thing,without even looking at it,a ;charateristic' of the vehicle !!!

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    we went through the same thing with a kia area rep. over a noise in the rear differental area we went for a road test, this was is answer "your arn't going to like my answer, the engineers know about it and have not come up with a fix yet" this is one of the USUAL KIA BS answers, meaning they plan to do nothing about it

    get used to the Kia run around, you will get plenty. the most famous is the "sorry we can't duplacte your problem"

    i will never buy another Kia product !!!
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    i really appreciate your responses.i was told,by the local service manager,that one of the kias' had a defective problem that kia will not fix,but he stated it was not the sorento.i plan to go all the way with this one !!!i am not in the habit of being ignored...they will find i can be a real nightmare b---- !!!
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    Has anyone had a problem with hood Squeaking when it is being closed? I talked with Kia while getting something repaired under warranty, and they said the latch had to be replaced. I hink its something that just needs to be tightened. I think Kia Dealer just wanted to make some money since this is not covered under warranty. It also squeaks when hitting bumps or driving over speed bumps. THanks for any help.

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    Nothing a little shot of WD-40 shouldn't be able to take care of .. Spray the hinges and the problem should be gone for 6 months or so
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    Kia Sorento 2,5 ex aut. 2005, I have some strange bumps from the back of the car when i accelerate and some times i here a noise to. If i drive between 50-60 km and i accellerete i feel it clearly, Anyone here with the same experience, sorry for my poor english.

    Niels Chr.
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    Hi, I know it has been over a year since you posted your problem and hopefully you have it resolved by now. But if you haven't...I had a rattle in my 2007 Kia Sorento. It sounded like it was coming from the back hatch or close to that area. I took it back to the dealer twice and they couldn't find anything wrong, so I took it to another local dealer and a young punk working there pretty much told me that I was crazy! The very same day, I was talking about my problem at work and I took one of the guys I work with for a ride so he could hear the rattle. As soon as we got back and he got out of the car, he sat down on the ground in front of the back tire and said here's you problem! The front part of the rear wheel well was not attached to the body and was flapping. He put a little rubber sticky foot (like what would go on the bottom of a computer or something) on both sides and then we went for another ride. I have you know....there was no more rattle! Something that simple but idiots at Kia couldn't see it! They would just rather say that I was crazy! This may not help you but hopefully it might help some other folks like me that can't stand to hear a rattle!!! : :)
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    Once again, I have my Kia in for service. 2005 kia sorento. Yes it has 106,000 miles but all highway but of course no longer under warranty. My check engine light came on yest. Also, hear a knocking noise which worsens when accelarate. Kinda lose some power as well. Brought in for diagnostics which stated code 134 for o2 sensor and 305 for cylinder number 5 misfire. However, this place wont touch kia motors and refered me to dealers. Well if any of you dealt with dealers u know its a waste of time and a lot of money. However needs fixed. Would these codes relate to noise I am hearing?? I feel its probably a separate prob. (possibly a belt) however I know nothing about cars (but seem to know more than kia mechanics).
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    O2 sensor is an easy replacement if you are somewhat good with tools.....I didnt have the time or tools to do it when mine went out on my 03 sorie (109K miles) ....$175 at the dealer to for the misfire.....try changing the plug and wire out first.....but of course it isnt easy getting to the plugs on the sorie either...

    and yes..beleive at least the misfire will contribute to the noise....the 02 sensor would just impact MPG a little....

    if it is a should be able to test the tension to see if they are ok...but I doubt its the belt..creating a "knocking" sound....
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    Just an update: Had 2005 K. sorento in shop for ICV recall. Found out only because engine light came on and problems accelerated on highway as well as hearing knocking noise. Very long story short and week later without car, found out some parts were sucked into engine. So now dealor calling a Kia rep to find out if they will replace WHOLE motor and if under warranty. Remind you car only 3 yrs old. If under warranty, would new timing belt and serp belts be under warranty as well. These need replaced also and wondering if I need to fight for coverage. thanks to all for your assistance in the past, now and future problems.
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    My wife drives a 2005 Sorento and about a week ago she heard noises when accelerating. The noises appear to be coming from the driveshaft, but it has been put up on ramps twice and no-one has been able to find a problem. At first it sounded like a bad catalytic converter,but that is fine. Sometimes the noise disappears, but then re-appears when accelerating. Any ideas?
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    have you had the differentials it an AWD model....sounds remarkably like my problem in an 03, turned out to be a bad front differential....
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    The most annoying sound that can't be "fixed" is when it rains (which happens alot out here in Oregon & Washington!!!!!! When it rains......the roof drains all seem to go out the right front windshield area. The dealer acknowledged that there is extraordianary noise but it is just a design issue. Sad as I find it a pain to be driving along with a "down spout"...drip, drip.....drip.
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    hi, i bought my kia sorento 2012 (manual Transmission) a year ago and haven't had any problems until rats ate some of the wires in the bonnet and i was having hard time to start the engine. I got it fixed but now there is this weird noise that comes everytime i change the transmission and accelerate. however the noise doesn't remain as i gain speed. I took it to the dealer (they aren't so good) and they said that it's normal for a turbo engine to give such noise. Please suggest me what to do?

    Thank you.
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    We have a 2014 Sorento that we just bought in July. Of course, they couldn't duplicate the problem on our last visit, so I thought I'd check here to see if anyone else has experienced a growling/vibration/rattling noise upon acceleration after making a 90 degree turn. It only happens when you accelerate and will stop when you let off the gas. Sometimes it will occur on a straightway after the turn. It sounds like it is coming from under the right side of the car under the passenger's floorboard. We too thought it sounded like a loose muffler or catalytic converter. They checked everything and couldn't find anything. I heard it this morning in a sharp curve which was on an incline. We usually don't hear it if someone is in the passenger's seat, but did this past weekend when two people were in the car.
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    My 2011 Kia sorento has made an increasingly loud noise when I slow to a stop or when idling since a few months after I got it. Had it in the dealer countless times until they finally heard it. They said it was the safety shifter and replaced it. Did nothing. Then they replaced the "grease" on that same part and the noise actually got louder. They brought some service big wig in who couldn't hear it. The noise sounds like a clunk. It happens once and maybe once again at another stop or idle. Has anybody had this problem? Very frustrated. They tell me it's safe but they have no idea what it is! Help!
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