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What are the best spark plugs for our cars?


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    The same ones that came in it.
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    I used same ones on my '05. Didn't want to take a chance with a different plug.
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    No need to change them - the OEM plugs work just fine.
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    Hello, guys & gals, I am taking my V8 Lincoln LS into the dealer to see if it's the coils and if its under the recall warranty for the V8 coils, I am hoping they will not just shoot me some SH_T! because I am a woman, is there any way I can for sure if my vin is under the recall warranty? all of the site I've came across has been a charge or not really telling me anything about the recall. or if there's a site I can go to, to see the breakdown of my vin number then at least I can have a half way ideal if they are shooting me a bunch of sh_t. I am praying its under warranty, I checked the site the one replyer had posted but like the other had stated it did not work for me either! I am reading so much about this problem.
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    Only the dealer can tell you by putting your VIN into the computer. If they say no then call another dealer and ask them to check your VIN. There's no reason they would lie about it - if it's under warranty then it's money in their pocket from Ford for the repair.
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