Coupe: BMW 3 Series or wait Mercede C-Coupe?

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Hey! I am ready to buy a car and I want a coupe. In early stages of research now and so overwhelmed. Everyone keeps telling me to go with the BMW 3 Series but I heard Mercedes is coming out with a C-Coupe next year and wonder if it's worth holding out for? My family has always driven Benz's (E sedan and ML350). What do you think? Worth waiting for? Also considering Audi A5...


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    Are you willing to pay a premium to drive C-Class Coupe? If not then look at the BMW or Audi. If the E-Class Coupe and Cabs are any indication of what MBUSA is planning on doing with C-Class Coupe, then expect to pay a huge premium for it over the C-Class Sedan.
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    I have owned both BMW and Mercedes, but I prefer BMW. I think Mercedes really started to skimp on materials and craftsmanship in the late 90s and early part of this decade. But the newer Mercedes seem much better and the styling on the new C coupe is nice looking. But, hopefully it doesn't go the way of the C230 Kompressor hatchback coupe. I think it also comes in a V6, which I don't like; I prefer the straight 6 design. Anyway, good luck!
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    I'm seeing these new 3 series coupes on the road right now and I'm really really disappointed. The styling reminds me of the bland US brand styling that gets you scratching your head like what were they thinking?

    The rear end looks like an old model Honda civic, wimpy dual exhaust and all. And over all the car screams economy. Its all about the world class driving experience but come on man the thing is completely uninspiring looking. I'm not a MB fan but at least that competing model line says bling a little bit. You want to stand out a little bit that you have some knowledge of a fine machine - but bland gets you blending. BMW are you listening?
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    Do you want an apple or an orange? BMW & Mercedes are both luxury cars but they are very different experiences. I currently own both so I'm not saying one is better than the other, but Mercedes is more of a pure luxury car unless you go for the AMG model and BMW is much more of a driver's car. The Audi leans more towards BMW. Test drive them, do your research and make your decision based on what you want to drive.
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    Hi, Here in Europe MB is really suffering due to bad quality. BMW is known as a quality car that never fails, if you take care of it. But in the end of the day it's all about taste and what you like. I think you will be happy with either a BMW, MB or a Audi. I'm on my 24:th BMW and is still happy.
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    I see some people compare apples with paw-paw's. A MB C class coupe is in fact the E class coupe as it is build on the same base.

    If you want an auto only, trouble free and a car virtually for life then the MB is your car. It is like a marriage.

    If you want a driver car, swap it in 2 years for the latest version then BMW is your number. Like a bachelor going through hot birds.

    If you are in between and not sure then i suggest an audi
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