a/c trouble

chevydaychevyday Member Posts: 2
i have a 2006 chevy hhr and my a/c up to about 6 months ago my a/c would not blow cold air so i heard that if i replace the a/c switch the problem would get fixed so i replaced it but i replaced it from another car and my ac worked again but it kicks on and off frequently so i cant ever have full time cold a/c. i don't know what it could be has anybody experienced this problem before... please i need help i live in houston tx and it is HOT as hell out here..... thanks


  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    If it is blowing freezing cold one minute, then cold the next, I would suspect it may be overcharged. Mine did that until I had it checked/corrected. I also noticed a performance problem while it was happening.
  • chevydaychevyday Member Posts: 2
    well it does not blow freezing cold but it blows normal cold and then regular outside air u know because it turns off the compressor. but i do also have performance problems also so i will check that out to see if i have to much freon
  • bermuda1968bermuda1968 Member Posts: 2
    Green lite blinking on Air conditioner/ no cool air, help...
  • kmankakmanka Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 HHR and the A/C works great...that is until about a week ago. It is the most bizzar thing I have had happen. When the A/C is off the vent will not blow right. What I mean is that it ususally blows hot even if the outside temp is cooler. Now the A/C works but it is strange too. It will blow hot air if the dial selection is set to Max cold, but if you move it up one click it goes into full cool mode. Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on?
  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    Hhmm A/C and milage drop, potentialy could be related I suppose. Has the A/C system had any work done on it?

    My 06' had an issue right from the get-go where if I put it on max it would cool (almost super cool) and then would get warm (without me touchin anything) and go back cool. Plus when this was happening I could detect a engine performance problem. I had already heard of some that had an overcharge of coolant that created the problem and had it checked at dealer (I mentioned overcharge as possibility), don't know exactly what they did , but problem was corrected.
  • kmankakmanka Member Posts: 2
    No work done on it and the gas mileage does go up or down with the A/C. Not an overcharge as I have had the vehicel for several years.
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