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2011 Nissan Rogue

mikelevine64mikelevine64 Member Posts: 39
Here is the Info. Nissan has released on the 2011 Nissan Rogue changers:



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    carjimcarjim Member Posts: 155
    The CR-V increased horsepower and I was hoping to read that Nissan bumped the horsepower and low end torque. Not to be, apparently.
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    shilohduffeyshilohduffey Member Posts: 16
    ... USB port, auto on/off headlamps, climate control. Apparently, the '10 SL with Premium and Leather Packages will now be the SV with SL Package ... gotta keep changing the names, so the '11's appear as totally new models. I don't see the need for 18" wheels. Of course, there's bound to be a price increase ... so we're happy with our '10 SL's with both upgrade packages (plus roof rack crossbars, rear bumper protectors and splash guards at no additional charge). Hopefully, they'll have done something about that blind spot ... can really be annoying at times.
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    njusernjuser Member Posts: 5
    Looks like the 2011 has a lot more features and the price hasn't gone up.

    The SL package includes navigation, climate control,moonroof, auto on/off headlights,Rear Spoiler and possibly a backup camera.

    Except for the moonroof which i added on my 2010 Rogue, all the other features are not there on 2010.

    MSRP on 2010 was 29,600 and with above options on 2011 is 29,900 at the most.

    For $300, there's quite more options and pretty soon it will have all the promotional deals similar to on 2010.

    Looks like I should have waited a few more months.
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    shilohduffeyshilohduffey Member Posts: 16
    ... MSRP on the '10 meant little when we bought them (June and July). Counting the $1750 in rebates, we came in at $22,300 each for two SL's with Premium and Leather packages, plus a few goodies thrown in at no charge ... luggage rack cross bars, rear bumper protector, etc. One of the vehicles even has a DVD player. According to what I've been reading, manufacturers are bent on holding their ground on the '11's, since the '10's were sold at bargain basement prices. I haven't had much luck with moonroofs in the past, and am very comfortable without one. I had an aftermarket auto-on/off headlight control installed for about $60 ... works fine. The a/c doesn't need as much fiddling as other manually operated ones I've had ... not a major issue. My Garmin GPS works beautifully (don't really use it that often). We're looking at a price difference of over $7000 ... we'll keep both of our '10's!!
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    jezmiajezmia Member Posts: 36
    just out of curiosity in what state are you located? is Nissan still offering rebates for their 2010 models? thanks!
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    shilohduffeyshilohduffey Member Posts: 16
    As far as I know, the rebates on the '10 Rogues are still in effect. Given that the '11's are out, dealers should be highly motivatred to dispose of them.
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    shilohduffeyshilohduffey Member Posts: 16
    We're in the Houston TX area ... and I did check with my dealer. They're still offering the incentives on the '10's.
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    firsttimebuy5firsttimebuy5 Member Posts: 1
    I am looking at buying a 2011 Nissan Rogue AWD SV model with the premium and tech package in Canada. Just wanted to see what kind of deals anyone has gotten on their purchases?
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    tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Be sure to check out the Nissan Rogue Prices Paid and Buying Experience discussion.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    kazvolinskykazvolinsky Member Posts: 12
    Service engine light came on after I have replaced the regular gas cap with a secure one(aftermarket).Nissan does not offer a secured(one which opens with a key-not a small detail if you park in an inner city) gas cap.
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    nissmazlovernissmazlover Member Posts: 162
    Hey, everyone!

    I've joined the club. Have wanted a Nissan all my life, and now I have one. :) Came out of an '08 Mazda 5 Grand Touring (that I absolutely LOVED), and now I'm in a 2011 Nissan Rogue SV AWD w/SL package in Black Amethyst with the light gray interior. This black amethyst color is HOT and it really just "makes" the car. It's nice in other colors, but IMO it jumps up to another league with the amethyst. My family (wife and two kids) has named her "Black Betty."

    So far, I'm loving the car. Only has 100 miles on it, now. The seats are supremely comfortable (though a bit too high, for my taste), the ride is exceedingly smooth, there's adequate room in all seating positions, it feels solid and strong when you drive it, it's fast enough, it looks outstanding (a really good looking crossover, especially with the new 18" rims and the aforementioned color), it feels luxurious and more expensive than what it is, and it has goodies galore (leather, sunroof, rich-sounding Bose, Nav, iPod integration, back-up camera, satellite radio, USB, Aux, Trip Computer, Xenon lights, foglights, power everything, nice gauges, lockable AWD, traction control, etc.) especially for the price!

    Negatives are minor and few: (1) my main gripe is with the lack of functionality of the rear seat, i.e., it doesn't slide fore and aft or recline, and NO REAR ARMREST! What's up with THAT? Seriously? Thank goodness it's a very comfortable seat with gobs of room to make up for it; (2) I'm not crazy about the steering feel. Coming off of a Mazda (who, to me, has steering feel down PAT), it's a bit of a let-down. But, I have yet to drive the Rogue for a long while on the highway, and in the twisties, etc., so my opinion of it, most likely, will improve. You know it HANDLES very well, but you just can't feel that through the steering wheel; (3) Although Black Betty feels powerful and fast enough (moreso than my last Mazda), it seems to take a bit of time for the engine and tranny to spool up accelarating from a stop. So, it makes you think for a brief moment that it's underpowered, but then it HITS and you hear the engine growl and, before you know it, you're at speed. I guess I'll get used to it; and (4) The Rogue doesn't have enough cubbies and compartments to put all your stuff, though it makes up for it with a HUGE glovebox and a nice-sized center console.

    All-in-all, we're loving it. We'll miss Max (my Mazda5's name) a lot. But, Betty will make that loss much more bearable, and I'm sure I'll grow to really like her, too. Happy to finally be in the Nissan club!
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    wee78wee78 Member Posts: 5
    hi, i am new here. want to buy nissan rogue hopefully with bluetooth built in. same 2012 model came out but not really sure what are the major difference. can any one help?
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