Things that I would change in my GLK 350

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I love my 2010 GLK, only had it a short time, but love it.
Mine is Fire Opal (Canada) and Mars red (USA).

There are a few things I would like to see changed, the first thing is the wide door sills, it's impossible to slide out with out your leg, or pants dragging against the door sill. There is no lite on the headlight dial, just the line at night it's impossible to see the settings, the wiper and signal light are reversed to the Toyota's I was driving, but not only that you can not see the wiper settings because of the steering wheel, it blocks it, and the odd time you may want to set it while driving, as there are so many settings. I just wanted to start a dialog, and see what others think.


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    You're right about the wide door sills, I hear that the optional running boards make things even worse. As for the headlight dial and wiper/turn signal stalk, yes the view of both is obstructed while driving but if you have both the headlights and wipers set to automatic, there's no real reason to need to see/adjust them :confuse: In any case, I think I read that MB was making the headlight switch more user friendly in the 2011 model (arriving at dealers soon).
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    I just took a trip away for a few days. I would also make the cup holders tighter, and less deep. The storage is limited, glove box is to small and the misc. stuff like sunglasses, or GPS storage are non existent, a small drawer under the seat would allow for odd items that still would be handy for the driver when parked. A change drawer, for tokens and small change would be great too, the coin holder in the glove box is limited to quarters nothing else fits, and is not convenient for the driver. The car is really nice just these little things.
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