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dmausadmausa Member Posts: 1
I have a Ram 1500 and the check engine light is on. Changed the plugs but the light is still on with a code missfire on different cylinders. Any suggestions?


  • corkscrewcorkscrew Member Posts: 254
    Hope this helps: Let me know if the code was other than P0300.
  • tryn2bhappytryn2bhappy Member Posts: 2
    Hi all. I hope I'm in the right spot. I just purchased a Dodge 2002 1500 4x4 quad cab PU a couple of months back. Being a parent as well as a returning student I thought I was getting a reliable vehicle for my northern travels. Within the first month of ownership the check engine light as well as the s service 4wheel drive lights came on. I immediately took it in and they kept it the weekend and told me that nothing was wrong with the truck (of course, it was within the 'free' repair time period. Today I went to go to town and the check engine light, service 4wheel drive light, airbag lights are all on. The air conditioning wasn't working (the light wouldn't go on as well as quick cool down lights but the motor was only circulating air into the vehicle). The speedometer and tachometer was not working either. Otherwise, the vehicle runs fine: radio, windows, lights, windows and fan works.

    The last time I drove it (last night) I hit nothing, heard nothing and smelled nothing sinister. I'm not sure how to go about checking engine codes on it. Last week the regular maintanence on the overhead console registered it's time for an oil change, etc. I hope I haven't left anything useful out, with the exception that I'm flat out broke and don't want to take it in and get the run around. If someone could help me sound less ignorant when I make some calls to mechanics I'd appreciate your help.

    Thank you for your time. :sick:
  • corkscrewcorkscrew Member Posts: 254
    Auto Zone will check engine codes for free.
  • tryn2bhappytryn2bhappy Member Posts: 2
    Thank you. I haven't made it to AutoZone yet. I live a bit away and wasn't sure if I should drive my truck there with the warning lights on. I managed to find the code, which read P0500. Additionally, the brake and ABS warning lights are on as well. When I looked this code up online it says my speed sensor is going bad. If this is correct, what can I expect for a repair? Is this something major? I appreciate your time in helping me.

    Vickie :confuse:
  • corkscrewcorkscrew Member Posts: 254
    This should help when contacting a garage,although I would go back to the place where you bought it since the problem occurred during the original warranty. As you will see, other problems such as those that you have, may be present. On trucks built after 1998 the speed sensor signal comes from the sensor on the rear axle. Search google images to see a picture of the sensor: Good Luck.
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  • retiredcop2retiredcop2 Member Posts: 2
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    My problem with my pick-up 1500 Ram is the starting problem i have to wait for the CHECK ENGINE and GEN to illuminate then wait to disappear before it will start. I always have this problem when the engine is cold usually in the morning but after that i could start it again with no problem once the engine is hot. But my main problem is i have to click the ignition switch many times before the CHECK ENGINE and REM illuminates on the instrument panel, but sometimes my luck took me several minutes to try starting the engine. I hope you could help me for this Thanks
  • ggeeooggeeoo Member Posts: 94
    This might help replace every rubber vacuum in the engine and at the gas tank. When
    the vacuum is faulty . Go to auto parts store buy a coil of tubing one by one replace a colored dot by marker on each one you replace be generous on the size of the tube
    the longer the tube the better the seal. When the rubber gets old it leaks this causes
    a long list of engine problems.
  • tomdel45tomdel45 Member Posts: 3
    vent is stuck on defrost and can not get it to change to the floor or anything else. nothing is broke on the control. it has vacuum but not a strong vacuum. is there a pump thats makes the vacuum. hoses seem to be good.
  • tomdel45tomdel45 Member Posts: 3
    no air in system. all hoses are hot, Blend door actuators seems to be working ok ( when i turn the knob from cold to hot you can feel the difference ) antifreeze seems to check ok.
  • crash_akcrash_ak Member Posts: 8
    Does your abs light come on as you drive?
  • crash_akcrash_ak Member Posts: 8
    What year?
  • shvtec95shvtec95 Member Posts: 1
    the truck starts right up idles smooth...but the check engine light comes on only after the temp gauge starts climbing.. am I looking at a bad o2 sensor? or something else ?
  • jcraverjcraver Member Posts: 1
    This morning a small orange engine (?) light illuminated on the dash of my 2008 4 x2 pick up - stayed on each time I started the truck throughout the day. On another forum I was told if I turned the truck on and off (without cranking the engine) three times I would get codes - I tried this, and didn't get any codes - just the 'change oil' message. Any suggestions? The truck is running fine - but I've only seen this light come on briefly when starting the truck previously - it's never stayed on.
  • chryslergroupchryslergroup Member Posts: 35
    Hello jcraver,

    Sorry to hear you are having a concern with your Dodge truck.

    You may want to consider having the vehicle diagnosed by your local authorized Dodge Service Department or a trusted mechanic since there are so many different systems that can cause the check engine light to come on.

    Customer Care
    Chrysler Group LLC
  • tomdel45tomdel45 Member Posts: 3
    my OBD reader says the #4 cylinder is misfiring. some say that after 150000 miles that the valve is not seating right.
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