2001 ls430 needs new trunk lifts

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my 2001 ls430 needs new trunk lifts. I have found the replacement parts but can not figure how to get the original ones off. Anyone have experiance with this problem and any help about getting the new ones on would be really helpful. Thank you...


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    I have a 2004 LS430, but my friend has a 2001. Last year he replaced his trunk struts with after market ones. I asked him how he went about it and he sent me this:

    "Just looked at my struts as I don't really remember. Mine have no cotter pins or visible method to remove or install so I believe all I did was simply applied leverage between the frame and the unit and it pulled away. Repeating the same with the upper leverage. Installing simply was applying pressure to the outside, forcing the leverage in place first on the lower pin and then on the upper pin. Hope this works."
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    Thanks for your reply. The guys from Advance auto parts helped me get the right parts,their item number 6415, and helped with the instalation. There is a plastic clip at the top and bottom of each lift. You lift the clip with a small flat screw driver and pull the top end off, repeat at bottom end. Same thing on the other side. The new ones go on even easier.....hold the opening against the knob end and push ... it clicks on top and bottom, both sides, and you are done. Whole thing took between 5 and 10 minutes. The lifts are $30.49 each. $65.25 including tax for the pair. No charge for the help....would not even accept a tip. Trunk still only opens about 1 inch, but lifting and closing it is a pleasure. Hope this helps someone else who may need these replaced.
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    2001 LS 430 Atlanta, GA, Toll road # 400.
    I purchased a transmitter to pay the toll, and drove thru the automatic lane without stopping and paying cash. Installed as directed, (inside windshield)
    Wanted to check if the unit was installed correctly, called the Toll Authotity, gave the device number, the toll charge was not posted to my account. (there is a heavy fine for not having the tool device). The Toll Authority did not know why!

    They sent a replacement reader with thes instructions, mount the reader on the inside of the moon roof.

    REASON: The windshield on LS430 2001 has Magnetic particales ? imbedded to regulate the wippers speed to go fast or slow depending on the rain.

    Has anyone had this problem?.
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    These hydraulic trunk lifts are not safe. They fail within 3-4 years. The result would be the trunk falling on my daughter who was trying to retrieve stuff in the trunk. It scratched her head. It can come down like a guillotine on someone's head, or back.
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