Volvo 2011 XC60 pedestrian detection?

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does the 2011 XC60 have the updated city safety that can recognize pedestrians (like the S60)?

[I presume the 2011 XC90 has no city safety, at all.]


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    The 2011 XC60 comes standard with City Safety, as does the 2011 S60. Pedestrian Detection is a separate system, which is currently only available on the S60.
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    Just to update the thread. The technology package of the 2011.5 XC60 has pedestrian detection (after November 22 - model week 46?).
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    Two other new features come with the 2011.5 - brake energy regeneration and a front view camera.

    "For Volvo XC60, the Front Blind View Camera is only available for cars produced after November 12, 2010."

    (description from the 2012 S60 brochure)

    To further optimize fuel efficiency and performance in all driving conditions, all engines feature Volvo’s intelligent brake kinetic energy regeneration. As soon as you brake or release the accelerator while a gear is engaged, the alternator harnesses the car’s kinetic energy and feeds it into the battery to reduce fuel consumption with an extra 2–3%. And when you accelerate, the alternator decouples to free the engine for maximum performance when you need it.

    Allowing you to see around corners, this new camera is located in the grille to give you a 180° field of vision of the area in front of your car. Activate the camera with a push of a button, and you’ll get a split-image view in the 7-inch integrated driver’s information screen. Very convenient in tight exits with limited visibility and while parking.
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    we are having persistent issues with the media panel. It seems to have a mind of its own on when it wants to serve. It will not start most of the time and then suddenly kick in randomly.

    Anyone else has this issue?
    Dealer says Volvo is aware of the issue and they are wating on a s/w update.

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