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MDX engine knock sound

maxmdxmaxmdx Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Acura
I put this into the ANSWERS section but it might be more appropriate here.

My 2010 Acura MDX occasionally has a light knocking sounds when apply light acceleration while going 25-40 mph. Quite often I hear a very light metallic sounds best described as a Christmas bell sound. Every now and then I hear a more pronounced knocking sound. It's not as loud as a diesel clack but can definitely can be heard with the radio off.

Wonder if it is indeed engine knock or something else. It sounds like the engine is lugging a bit.
Tried different premium gas but no difference.

Does anyone else hear the fairly consistent low volume Christmas bells metallic jingle?

Does anyone else hear the occasional engine knock?

Thank You


  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    I had a 2010 MDX loaner car, I heard it too. I thought it was the gas also, but it wasn't don't know what it was.
  • This sounds more like the transmission shudder/grinding/vibrating problem that you will see in the other forum categories under "Transmission Problems" and "Transmission Scam". There are literally hundreds of complaints about this noise occurring between 25 to 40 mph. It sounds like cheap gas, but it is really a bad torque converter in your transmission.
  • maxmdxmaxmdx Posts: 2
    Interesting. I never paid much attention to all the transmission problem discussions because the 2010 MDX has a new 6 speed transmission. Certainly hope the Honda engineers didn't carryover some of the problems onto the new design.
  • I have a 2011 mdx Tech/Ent. It's been plagued with this metallic knocking noise for months now. Ive made several trips to the dealer and they cannot locate the source of this noise. The symptoms are:
    First the car must be fully warmed up.
    What sounds like a metallic knocking noise at medium to light acceleration from 0 - 25 mph.
    The noise is there in reverse.
    Doesn't make the noise in neutral or park.
    Doesn't make the noise if the engine has not reached full operating temperature.

    I've also encountered several other 2010/2011 mdx owners with this same problem.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    As a test remove the fuse(s) that provide power to the two rear clutches. My guess is that the additional driveline component stress of engaging "AWD" at low speeds on a non-slippig surface is resulting in the noise. May even be body torsional "twist" making the noise.
  • Thanks for the response. Would removing the fuse cause a code on the dash? If so how would I clear the code. If removing the fuse stops the noise then would that mean that its nothing to worry about and nothing you can do about it?
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