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jeyajeya Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in BMW
I bought a new X5 and 3 days later the 'Check engine soon' light came on. One of the BMW services first said it is a problem with a cooling sensor. Now they are saying that the whole Engine Control Module has to be replaced. Could someone help me understand this problem and tell me how serious this problem is.. Thanks very much!


  • jrenerjrener Posts: 2
    First of all, there's over 200 different things that can turn on the check engine light. This is something the salesman didn't tell you of course. Anyway, if the engine appears to be running ok, not misfireing or stumbbling, you're usually ok to continue driving. Sometimes, if the fault that set the light to come is intermittent, after cycling the key, the light will go back out. As far as having the engine module replaced, this is possibly a defective part for the manufactor. Also understand the X5 is a new model for BMW, and there are going to be problems they don't have a exact fix for the day you take it in for service. BMW has always researched problems, and fixed them as soon as they have the correct repair.
  • Help! I have never purchased a used car before and am condiering a used (2 previous owners) 325i 4 door with sun roof. I am a female and am aware of my ignorance on car (read "guy" matters). The car has ca.90,000, looks clean and, past maintence records seem acceptable. Can anyone tell me if this is a wise purchase...what repairs realistically can I ecpect over the next 5 years...should I not even consider the purchase. Please advise me!
  • There is an update slyer at our dealership in regards to the "Check Engine" light situation. It states that if the fuels cap is not properly replaced after re fueling, it will cause the Check Engine light to come on and stay on.
    Please get a second opinion before you have a new module installed.

    Jude O. Kaufman
    Shelly BMW, Buena Park, CA
  • Let me start by saying that I'm thrilled with my X5. I got it in Mahogany with light beige interior with the sport/anthracite headliner. I decided that the last day of the year was the best time to press for a deal, so on 12/31/2000, I went to the local dealer. Paid sticker (they told me to tell everyone that they didn't come down in price) but they gave me a great deal on my trade-in.
    Back to my the shifter switch.
    I had driven about 120 miles when (on my way to the dealer to get my floor mats) a yellow gear indicator lighted up on the dash. Upshifts and downshifts were very pronounced and there was definately something wrong. I took it in, and the service guy, Luis, said he thought he knew what the problem was (got me to thinking). Apparently, they had had two other X5's in that same week for a switch in the transmission going bad. He said I could drive it to work, home, and then back in the next day- which I did. The part was changed out in about 2 hours and I haven't had any problems with it yet (so far 2 days).
    I hope this isn't a sign of things to come, but the dealership was excellent in taking care of it.
    I have experienced no excess wind noise or other problems with the vehicle. Just a joy to drive.
    Chris Baker
    Medford, Oregon
  • finsupfinsup Posts: 2
    I took delivery of my x5 in mid December. One of the first things my consultant told me was: When you fuel up, make sure the vehicle is turned off or the check engine light will come on and Mel (service advisor)will be very upset. I guess it is one of the quirks of a new design. Good luck!
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