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I just picked up 2003 ranger 4x4 stepside,50000 miles on it like new..the problem i have is putting gas in it.it takes like 20 min to fill it up.I had filler neck off looks good.Has any body out there had this problem.


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    Someone on one of the Ranger discussions on here just recently solved this problem. Something about there being a hose inside a hose on the filler, and the inside hose was loose, at the bottom I think. You might need to replace the rubber part of the filler hose.

    Search for all the Ranger discussion and look back over the last month, you should find the message I'm talking about.
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    How can I find if a 2003 Ford Ranger has limited slip differential based on the vin? The auction does not say the type, and according to research on edmunds the difference between XL, XLT, etc. may be the difference if it has or does not have limited slip.

    Have found excellent ranger resource: http://www.therangerstation.com
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    Read this link.

    It shows that codes are in two places, on a tag on the differential, and a code on the sticker on the driver door.

    Google is your friend. 'Ranger limited slip' returned this link as the first one.
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    Hi I have a check engine light on my OBD11 says code P0300 multi cylinder misfire what is causing this please?
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    Bad plugs.
    Bad wires.
    Bad coils.
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    I changed the Plugs 6 months ago and the wires You are Probably right about the coil being bad because it suddenly started! will start there.

    Ps Thanks
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    Ok fixed it it was the Camshaft position sensor all's good I replaced it and also replaced plugs and Wires.

    Thanks all
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