Lexus RX 400h Interior & Passenger Comfort Questions

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Since last year, my '07 RX 400 has had rear power door issues. Sometimes it would start to open just to reclose after cracking open. I would have to try at least three times to get it to operate and open. Last week I was trying to power close it and it started down and stopped, reversed and went to full open 3 times.. Again I tried and the same thing. I finally had to close it manually.

I went to the dealer and complained about the door. They lubed it and of course it operated normaly as soon as I went into the shop(Murphy's Law?).

After I left, the door started acting up again and I called the dealer and said the motor was weak and all it took was one finger to stop the door and reverse it. Much too sensitive.

Interestingly, while I had the loaner RX I tested the rear door myself. It took one hand and almost 20 pounds of force to stop the door and get it to reverse. Aha! I mentioned this disparity to my service guy and he then told me there was a silent recall on 2006 RX door motors and since I had an early '07 I may have gotten a defective motor assembly as well. Long story short, they replaced the door mechanism($1000 fix) under warranty. Works as it should now.

Final point: Even if your '06-'07 RX is out of warranty this should be covered. It's a silent recall.




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    Looking for an after market product to put in an automatic/power rear hatch release. Does anyone know of a product or can offer suggestions?
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    thanks for posting your experience, as I just complained of the same issue, only to be told that they "realigned" the rear door hitch to make it shut correctly. In other words, they didn't understand my complaint, as it was not only a problem OPENING, but CLOSING from the top, way before it got to the hitch. Then I was told that it might be from "manually pulling down the rear hatch and throwing it out of alignment". I never do this manually so I knew it wasn't that. Your answer makes the most sense. Why can't they just be straight about this, at least after we complain about it? Its just another 150 mi RT to the dealer again to get it fixed, and a cat and mouse game.

    I've heard similar things about the A/C condensers "getting punctured by stones" through the hood, when they suddenly quit. That was the reason given to me. I thought it unlikely. Then I read that this same excuse is being given to many other owners for a similar manufacturing defect. For a company trying to convince us of quality and service, they're playing games like they were trained by 1980's Chrysler shops.....
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    My wife had major problems with new 450H leased in Nov 2011; had to return.
    Integrity of interior cabin compromised; my wife and child had breathing problems, verified by others; Lexus did not test drive under similar conditions and Lexus refused even to take car back without penalty. I shall probably pursue matter.
    It has been months since we took this financial hit; In current situation--. Dealer wanted to help but Lexus corporate not supportive. Previous Lexus hybrid SUV fine; now we must consider BMW or Mercedes
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    "...breathing problems..."

    Persistent mould and mildew order....what..?
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