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2010 Subaru Legacy Manual Transmission/Loss of Power

legacy2010legacy2010 Member Posts: 3
edited August 2014 in Subaru
I have a new 2010 Subaru Legacy Premium Edition purchased in January. I have suddenly experience a major safetly issue with the car. It seems to occur when I am downshifting from 3rd to 2nd (usually as I am turning a corner, but has happened driving straight) the car suddenly shuts off and I lose all control. Sometimes I can restart as I am driving other times I have to come to a stop to restart. It has been at the Subaru dealership since last Friday. I am only getting a "there is definitely something wrong with your car" answer. They stated they have done a compression test and now a valve test? they are awaiting a response from Subaru of America...has anyone else had this problem? Any advice, information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • wbb115psuwbb115psu Member Posts: 2
    I am experiencing the exact same thing... The car has been in the shop since 3 days after I bought it. The vehicle would sometimes stall at idle and when shifting gears. I've been working with Subaru of America and the dealer to get this resolved. Right now they are working on a software fix, but it is not ready yet. Yesterday, I stopped into the dealer again to complain, and they escalated the issue. 10 minutes later, I got confirmation that they will be replacing the car, and offered to upgrade me to an automatic. This was a bit of a hassle, but Subaru really came through for me in the end.
  • legacy2010legacy2010 Member Posts: 3
    Wow. Thanks for sharing this info w me. Can I ask what state you are in and did you deal w Subaru of America.
    Thank you!
  • wbb115psuwbb115psu Member Posts: 2
    No problem... I've been looking for others with this issue for a couple of weeks. I am in Pennsylvania, and had been dealing with Subaru of America, who was working on my case. I got a little frustrated and the dealer shared my frustration, so the boss over there called his contact at SoA and helped me get it squared away. Good luck!
  • custom_coupecustom_coupe Member Posts: 2
    We are having the exact same problem with our 2010 legacy. It only seems to happen before the vehicle warms up in the morning or after the car has been sitting all day at work. Also it only happens while the air conditioning is on. The other issue we have is if you are coming to a stop and hold the clutch in the r.p.m.s drop below 500 and the car shutters like it wants to stall. The dealer says that the shutter is normal and is caused by the ac compressor. I have had many cars in my life and never before have I had that happen. As far as the stalling the dealer has no idea what the problem is.
  • legacy2010legacy2010 Member Posts: 3
    From what I have been told it has nothing to do with the AC at all. May I ask if you have a manual transmission? From what I am to understand it is a problem w manuals only. Also Subaru of America IS aware of the problem, do not let them tell you otherwise! My car has been at the dealership for over a week and Subaru of America will only say that "they are aware of a problem and hoping to resolve it within a few weeks." This was sent in e mail form to my dealership, the problem is that Subaru has no idea how to fix it because they cannot figure out what the problem is!!! Start filing a complaint with Subaru of America. There is definitely a serious safety problem with these cars. ..lets hope they own up to it and admit their product is faulty before someone is injured!

    May I ask what state you reside in?

    Best of luck to you
  • rosburnrosburn Member Posts: 1
    I had the same problem on a trip this weekend...almost got killed as my Legacy died in a traffic slow down on a crowded Interstate....going to the shop Monday AM!!
  • xwesxxwesx Member Posts: 16,775
    That's interesting. I have noticed a similar loss of power on my '10 Forester (manual transmission) when the air conditioning is on. It doesn't feel like it is going to stall, but I do notice significant, intermittent loss of power when attempting to accelerate. Thankfully, I rarely use A/C and it works perfectly all other times. :confuse:
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  • custom_coupecustom_coupe Member Posts: 2
    Yes our legacy is a stick with the 2.5. we are located in central massachusetts. I am going to contact subaru today and then I am heading back to the dealership. I have been doing some research on this issue and alot of people are under the impression that it has something to do with the valve lash. To me that does not make any sense seeing as how it only seems to be effecting people with a stick shift. the automatic uses the same exact engine.
  • delta11delta11 Member Posts: 1
    I have a manual and the engine entirely shuts off, usually when downshifting and heading around a turn. I've been able to restart while still rolling and thankfully, no cars have been close behind me. The service dept. at my dealership acknowledged that it's been happening and said it's a computer problem they can fix in a few hours. I hope so. There have been two recalls so far and now this.
  • saedavesaedave Member Posts: 694
    To me that does not make any sense seeing as how it only seems to be effecting people with a stick shift. the automatic uses the same exact engine

    But in the age of emission controls there are differences such as in many standard trans cars that delay throttle closing between shifts to minimize emissions. Emission certification is for a particular engine/drivertrain combination.
  • dmjoachidmjoachi Member Posts: 5
    Thought there was a recall on it. There were some holes that need drilling if I remember reading it somewhere, Also, they have to change the gears for 2nd and 3rd when they do so. Check Autoblog.com. Thought I read it there a few days ago.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Yep, being discussed in other threads, stop sale and recall of a little under 1000 cars.
  • cmildoncmildon Member Posts: 1
    I purchased a new 2010 Subaru Outback with a manual transmission in July 2010. On my test drive, the rpms dipped a little at one stop but it didn't stall and didn't seem to indicate a problem. After I purchased it, the first stoplight I came to after driving out of the dealership, it stalled. I drove it around the block (during which time it stalled two more times) and took it back to the dealership. By that time it had warmed up and wouldn't repeat it for the them. It continues to either stall or almost stall, almost always when the engine is cold, the outside temp is high and the air conditioner is on. Today was the first the dealership acknowledged there is a problem (though the tech thought it's a Forester problem) and that Subaru is working on a fix. I purchased a Subaru because they are one of the few auto manufacturers who offer manual transmissions in several cars, but I wish I had read this before I bought!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Bummer, no doubt, but I'm sure they'll figure it out and take care of it. They've stepped up to the plate and fixed much bigger issues than that, and usually when they do they extend the warranty on affected parts.

    Hang in there and in a while this will just be a speed bump in a good ownership experience.
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