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I can't take the noise

mrnmrsweibel1mrnmrsweibel1 Posts: 4
edited August 2014 in Dodge
Around February I was told my beloved van had a dangerously rusted engine cradle and I shouldn't drive it anymore. While I didn't feel ready to get something new my husband insisted we trade in his truck to get me a new van. So, van shopping we went and I knew it would take something special for me to change my mind. Well, we stubbled upon a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan that had every feature I wanted plus some. When we test drove it I thought I heard a clunking noise when we went over certain bumps but my husband insisted it was just normal bump noises. Without much more thought we bought the van. After driving it about a week my husband stated that it was making to much noise on bumps. I also noticed a thudding feeling in the stearing so I took it to the garage. They gave it a quick look over and said they didn't see anything really obvious and said the thudding was probley the tires because they were a very low quality. Forward a couple thousand miles when I take it in for an oil change and tire rotation and they tell me I need a new tie rod. I got that taken care of hoping it would help with the clunking noise I am still hearing on bumps to no avail. I just took it to the garage again and sat there a couple hours while they looked over it very carfully. I was again told they could not see anything they could think of without tearing it completly apart.

I have also started to notice at some point there is something funny feeling in the steering. It kind of pulls when I am turning corners. I did the "alignment" test of taking my hands off the steering wheel on a straight away and it doesn't seem to pull at all. It only seems to be a jerk when turning. After reading some of the posts on here I am wondering if it could be the rack and pinon. I was wondering if there could be any kind of clunking associated with this. I should add its not on all bumps. Its more on uneven road surfaces and when there was snow on the road. I would really appreciate any comments as I am at a lose and the noise is driving me crazy.


  • misfit50misfit50 Posts: 1
    I get a loud clacking noise from the engine compartment when the van is stopped but in gear. The noise goes away when gas is applied. Does anyone know whats going on.
  • Hi, I own a 2003 Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.3 V6. For about 18 months we have suffered a knocking noise from the near (curb) side front wheel. The noise was a metalic rattle / knocking that was particularly noticable over very small bumps and ripples in the road and it seemed mainly up to 25 - 30 mph. We have changed the anti roll / sway bars, changed, bushes & tie rods none of which made any difference. This work was done by 3 different garages including a "big" Chrysler dealer. Eventually, being fed up with seemingly wasting money I asked my motorcycle mechanics to take a look. I will admit it took about 30 mins, a lot of pushing, shoving and shaking but they did find the problem......The front suspension bush was worn out.
    You can check yours quite simply -
    Lift the bonet.
    Locate the mounting point for the top of the suspension unit.
    Put your finger into the recess and onto the top of the suspension bolt.
    Then either you or a friend push down and pull up on the front wing area.
    If the bush is worn you will hear and feel the knock
    The part was £33 inc' tax and most frustatingly when I collected the part (a dealer only part) the parts guy said they go quite often!!!
    How come the Chrysler mechanics don't know about the problem then? I do find myself being quite cynical about the motives and intentions of car garages......
    Hope you get yours sorted soon!
    Regards from across the pond (UK)
  • more than likely sway bar bushings good idea to do links too possible shock but not very likely
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