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2001 Chrysler Town & Country front air not blowing

timmya3timmya3 Member Posts: 2
My front air does not blow out (it works in the back). I changed the blower relay in the fuse box next to the battery and put in a new blower fan under the glove box but it still does not blow air out in the front. Any ideas? Is there another fuse box somewhere inside the van?


  • maxrayrussmaxrayruss Member Posts: 3
    Check your air/mixer actuator to visiblily see if it is operating. Remove the driver side lower panel and the sub panels. Look to your right and you will see 3 air/mixer actuator motors. Change you control switches and levers and visibily watch the cams move on each of the motors. If the Air Conditioner door dont open and close resulting from the actuator moving, it need replacing. All the actuators should be responding to seperate commands. Go on line to Rock Auto Parts and buy the part for less than half price. There are only (2) 8 millimeter screws mounting it.
  • tomy2tomy2 Member Posts: 7
    I'd try replacing your blow motor resistor. It controls your motor speed via the front fan dial and is located behind the glove box. Usually when your replace the blower motor, should do resistor at same time. As fan bearing wear out, it has higher resistance which cause the motor resistor to eventually short out.
  • curtlcurtl Member Posts: 1
    We have a 2001 town and country limited and ive been reading these post and this is what happened to us, my wife and 5 yr old smelled smoke and it was the wires shorting out from the air conditioner harness behind the glove box, the condensation was leaking on wires , some man helped my wife by disconnecting the battery, had to have it towed, it was full covered insurance, we are still having electrical issues, gieco sucks so far chrysler does as well, TO ANYONE HAVING THIS TYPE OF ISSUE IN SAID AREA, COMPLAIN TO THE NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION SAFETY BOARD AS WE HAVE DONE, ITS UNDER INVESTIGATION, FYI THERE IS A ISSUE WITH THE AIR CONDITIONER LEAKING CONDENSATION ON THE RADIO OF "CERTAIN MODELES" IF WE ALL COMPLAIN ENOUGH THEY WILL FIX THIS ISSUE THAT SEEMS THE SAME TO ME.

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