4 cyl Ranger vs 4cyl Mazda - differences

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What are the primary differences between these two trucks?

I am considering a 5 speed manual with the 2.3 litre 4 cyl.

The Mazda place said their truck has a std sliding rear window, builtin trailer hitch in the bumper and sound insulation in the floors etc. Does anyone know if the last two things are true?

I find it hard to believe that Ranger has zero sound insulation. And i could have sworn i saw a Ranger last year new on the lot, a base truck with A/C that had a rear bumper hitch.

The Mazda place guy tried to tell me that it will tow 3500lb. and i know that is not true. So don't want to believe the rest of what he says. The rear window slider I know is true.

As a point of interest, get a load of this. I went to the parts counter at Mazda to random price a part. I picked the alternator. The Ranger's was 232. The Mazda's was 670. !

I had heard many years ago that Mazda electrics were extra expensive, alternators, starters etc. Lo and behold it is STILL the case!


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    trucks are the same.I worked at edison new jersey plant before it closed.we made rangers and mazda trucks,came off same line.same parts.just the outer body parts are differnt.
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    So what about things like sound insulation? This is actually a pretty big thing if you consider how noisy some vehicles can be on certain pavement types. And come winter, one would be warmer than the other too if they don't share the same amt of insulation. A plant worker is the perfect person to ask.

    As for parts, has anyone else done any parts price comparisons?
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