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Honda Odyssey third row seat opening problem

kcdude1kcdude1 Posts: 5
edited August 2014 in Honda
Few months back my third row seat stopped opening when I pull the strap at the back of the seat. As a workaround I have to pull the strap which is located at the center of seat on the front side. The seat closes down perfectly. The smaller split seat closes and opens fine. How can I fix the problem with the big third row split seat not opening when the strap at the back of the seat is pulled.


  • Thank you for the tip about the front pull strap, it worked! My seat wouldn't open and after looking at other sites it appears that there is a cable attached to the strap in the back of the seat that has either snapped or come apart from the opening mechanism and needs to be repaired. I haven't had the dealer or my mechanic give me a quote but another blogger said his dealer said it would cost $500.
  • Hi, I have the same issue. Can one of you clarify me which strap in the front you are referring to ?

    Are you referring to the strap that goes from the seat to the van's roof?

    If that is the one, I pulled that strap and nothing happened.
    Can you please give any more tips?
    I would appreciate it..

  • Are you referring to the strap that goes from the seat to the van's roof?
    The strap I am referring to is the one which is on the side of the seat you sit on. It is probably on the vertical side where your back would rest. Just pull that strap and the seat should fold down.
  • raj33raj33 Posts: 2
    Well, in my case, I am unable to open the seat. The dealer says it would cost $500 even to look at it. That is insane..

    If you know any cost effective solution to this issue, please let me know. I would really appreciate it. thanks
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