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Did my first Buick Enclave oil change.

myrtlemanmyrtleman Posts: 14
edited October 2014 in Buick
I did my own first oil change at 5000 miles although the oil life system said I had about 50% oil life remaining. My car was built in Sept 2009 so it was coming up on one year old. I went to the Auto Zone about 2 blocks from my house and bought 6 quarts of Pennzoil 5W30, an AC Delco PF48 filter, a oil drain pan, a filter wrench,socket type), and a funnel. I pulled the car partially in my garage so that the front wheels were slightly elevated and this made it possible for me to reach the drain plug, (15mm socket). It was hard to unscrew this plug. I drained all the oil out then removed the filter. I unscrewed it by hand! Did'nt need the wrench. I filled the new filter half way with oil (not entirely necessary) and rubbed oil on the new gasket. This is the tricky part. You've got to lower the new filter down to the socket while holdng it vertically then rotate it so that it lines up with the threaded bolt. I rehearsed this several times before I put oil into the filter and I put a big rag between the filter recepticle and the engine mount to collect any oil that spilled during the removal and replacement of the filter. It was a bit of a job but standing on a step stool made it a bit easier. I snugged up the filter but did not overtighten. I put about 5 quarts of oil in the engine, started it up, backed it up to a level spot, checked the level and added a bit more to bring it up to the crossed lines area of the dipstick. I went for a ride and then checked for leaks. I hope this helps someone else. I do not like taking my car to the dealer. They got my car filthy dirty once and guess what? Once was one time too many. One note is that you may need car ramps to get the front up enough to reach the plug and check for leaks. My driveway is on an incline but my garage is level so when I put my front wheels on the front lip I was elevated enough. I will always do my own oil changes now on my 2010 Enclave.


  • pooliopoolio Posts: 18
    Thanks ,just bought a new Enclave with only 1000 miles on it and am going to change the oil myself .
    ,like I do on all my other car's,but I am thankful for your help ,because it look's kind of tought removing and replaceing the filter without making a mess.. Thanks ART
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