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2010 Nissan Altima - Cracked Windshield

jft26jft26 Member Posts: 35
I have my Altima 3 months and have @ 3200 miles on it. I went outside yesterday morning and noticed a crack in the windshield going from the driver's side corner about 6 inches from the bottom for the entire driver view area. There are no signs of impact. The windshield was good the prevoius evening and the car was not moved from the driveway since parked that evening. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Thanks.


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    mwilhammwilham Member Posts: 1
    I had the same thing happen. Mine goes from one side to the other. Nissan said a rock had to hit, but I was told by another company that they thought it was an issue with the fitting and it probably would crack again if I hit a bump. They think it is a manufacture problem. My car is 2 months old
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    jft26jft26 Member Posts: 35
    Thanks for the reply. Did Nissan replace the windshield? If not, then who did? When I had mine replaced, the glass shop mentioned that it may have been poor installation at the factory. I was told it shouldn't happen again.
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    halezzhalezz Member Posts: 1
    I just had the same problem with my 2011 Altima. The windshield is cracked horizontally from the passenger's side overnight - no impacts on the road. Had the car less than 5 months. Will see if there's any response from the dealer.
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    carguy2011carguy2011 Member Posts: 2
    I had the same problem 2 months after getting the car new.
    The windshield is cheap.
    I had the same commute for 6 years, and had less chips in the windshield than the altima had in 2 months. A huge crack popped up during the heat of the day. I have had the windshield sealer guy out 2 times already, this time it needs replacing.
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    mom2jnmmom2jnm Member Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem 3 weeks after I got my car from the dealer it craked they said it was because of the hard freeze we had and a chip that the tip of a pen could not fit in. Then yesterday I go out to my car and there was no weather change and in the same area on my new windshield 3 months later I had a new crack. I have spent $400 on new windshields in the 4 months I have owned my car!!
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    middletownmommiddletownmom Member Posts: 1
    My 2010 Altima 2.5 SE is now a year old with less than 10,000 miles on it. I was on my way to work, just this past Thursday, and it was a cooler than normal October morning. I was not even three minutes from the house and I heard this loud "POP". It scared me, it was so loud, I thought a rock flew up and hit the car somewhere. As I pulled up to a 4 way stop sign, I looked over to the right and this sparkle had caught my eye, here it was the windshield! There is a large crack in the upper corner on the passenger side windshield, and the crack has begun to splinter off into more cracks. When I arrived at work, I inspected the car looking for the point of impact of the rock, and found nothing! I ran my hand over the glass, because it did not appear to be cracked on the outside at all. This was very odd, as the windshield is only cracked on the inside! I also had my husband come over and take a look, he had the same findings. I called the Nissan dealer I had purchased the vehicle from, and explained what had happened, thinking this must be covered under warrantee or maybe there was a recall they didn’t notify me of. I spoke to a gentleman, Sal, who I had explained my situation to. He asked me where I kept my car, in the drive way, under a tree. He was hinting that something may have fallen on the car overnight and that I may not have seen the crack when I got in the car. I kindly told Sal, I keep my car in the garage where we have no hanging items that may have fallen on the car. Then Sal asked for the VIN number of the vehicle, I gave it to him as he typed it into his computer. To no surprise, he found that there are no recalls and no complaints regarding a windshield and it is not covered under warrantee. He further explained that in order for Nissan to replace it for free, they would have to “prove” it was a manufacturer defect. In order to do that, I would have to bring the car in and allow them to remove the windshield and “determine” if it was indeed a manufacturer defect. If they deemed it was not a defect I would have to pay to replace it. I explained to Sal that I am not in a situation where I can play windshield roulette and have it be their word against mine, because as you know they do not allow anyone in their repair bays when the mechanics are working. So Sal suggested I call my insurance company and have them replace it. So I did. The insurance company said it had sounded like the windshield was not properly sealed by the manufacturer and a change in temperature will cause the windshield to pull away from the vehicle causing it to “pop” and then crack. Something Sal did not bother to explain to me. My insurance company had had several other complaints regarding this, but yet Nissan had nothing. Needless to say, Nissan does not want to take ownership for the poor job done at one of their plants, nor do they want the media attention. Was this a mistake for me to purchase my third Altima, with so many other vehicle choices out there? I have never experienced anything like this before and this certainly had made me change my opinion of Nissan.
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    barrychbarrych Member Posts: 1
    Add me to the list as well 2011 Nissan Altima 16k miles. Parked the car at 8pm saturday night. Came out the next morning, hugh crack running from the passenger side toward the center. Absolutely no sign of any impact to the windshield.
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    katt18katt18 Member Posts: 1
    I notice that the first thread was from July 2010-it is now December 2012 and I also experienced the same problem! No impact whatsoever, crack running from corner right toward middle of windshield. Taking to glass shop Wednesday. Has Nissan acknowledged a problem yet?

    Happy Holidays to all!
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