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I have 2002 dodge dakota help me out please

skrapper69skrapper69 Posts: 9
edited July 2014 in Dodge
OK the thing is it will not start it cranks over good but it wont start and the gauge that works is the oil gauge then the millage gauge will flash and say NO BUS and the box around the P R N D 1 2 will not appear and the headlights work everything comes on except for what I said ...... I have tried putting new battery terminals on someone please help me out so I can have my truck for work please help me out


  • dennisksdennisks Posts: 1
    My 99 Dakota showed the same signal NO BUS, it ended up being the computer module. I was able to come up with a used unit at about half the price. But be sure to get one from a truck that has the same equipment as yours, i.e. manual transmission wouldn't work if you have an automatic, etc.
  • My 2002 dodge dakota has no ignition spark I tried a newcrank sensor cap and rotor button dist. pickup and coil but still no spark can anyone help. thank and have blessed day ostinnett
  • i have a 2002 dodge dakota with no ignition spark i have tried a new crank sensor coil dist . cap and rotor button dist . pickup and still no spark odometer flashes 4 times and no bus appears can anyone help . thanks and have a blessed day ostinnett
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