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Have a 91 350 SDL. Just had it completely redone, paint, interior, etc. Looks brand new. Then it developed a strange noise. Took it to a Mercedes shop, not a dealer shop, and was told it has a connecting rod problem. Cost to repair around $10,000. They also told me that this problem is wide spread, and Mercedes has refused to acknowledge it, which has resulted in a class action suit against Mercedes. Does anyone have any information regarding this problem??? Would greatly appreciate any help.


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    I also have recently purchased a beautiful 1991 350SDL with 114k miles. There is a 14 page letter by John A Blazer a member of the Mercedes Benz Club Of America that chronicles the problems that many people have had with this motor. You could e-mail him at [email protected] to find out how to get a copy of this newsletter. E-mail me at [email protected] so we can discuss your (and possibly my) options. I do know that the motors that have been repaired by MBNA have not had any problems.
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    We too have a beautiful 350SDL, but had to put in a new engine at 103,000 miles. We bought it with 93000 miles and have the complete service records since the car was maintained by the same people we have used for years since it was new. After a lot of investigating and no help from BB it boiled down to only solution was to replace the engine. It laid down huge smoke screen and made lots of noise. It had a bent connecting rod, etc. You may want to look at another web site called Mercedes Ben Owners at
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    I too own a 350 SD and at 88k miles the engine threw a rod and cracked the block. At the time I did not own the car, but the then owner had to put in a new engine. After I purchased the car I found out that Mercedes felt that the 192 body was to heavy for the 300D engine, so they decided to add another cylinder and increase the volume of the engine. Basically they went from a 5 to 6 cylinder, and the engine type was 350D. It gave Mercedes the horse power they were looking for, but unfortunately they never re-engineered the bottom of the engine. Mercedes went with the same rods from the original 300D. After the car went to market consumers were finding that on cold starts the rods were bending. Once Mercedes started seeing these problems develop they pulled the engine and went back to the 300D. Now when Mercedes replaces the engines on these cars they use stronger rods, and they are color coed. I believe that a legal action should be brought against them, for poor engineering.
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