Sun Shield for Ford Escape

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I am looking at installing one of those accordion type sunshades that mounts on the inside of the window pillars
something like this product_top

any one tried this or any others?


  • tinycadontinycadon Member Posts: 287
    You can get a sunshield from this company online that is especially made for the Escape windshield:
  • komondor4komondor4 Member Posts: 4
    that is plain one that is not attached?
  • tinycadontinycadon Member Posts: 287
    correct, it's not attached, but it's specifically cut to cover the entire windshield so you won't have gaps where the sun can beat through like the accordion kind.
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    That seems like a bit of overkill. I live in Boise and it gets hot. 105 isn't unusual in the summer. I have a simple reflective accordion one that I got at the grocery and it works great.

    Costs $2.95 and I don't have to worry about it getting lost, damaged or wearing out.

    It has a couple of suction cups but the visors alone hold it in place fine. Takes about 10 seconds to pull it off and then it folds up and lives on the back seat. I'm not sure how a permanent pilar attachment would be much of a benefit.
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