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2000 Olds Alero under carriage wind deflector problems

scampyscampy Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Oldsmobile
The dealer advises me that this is a common problem with the Alero model. The plastic under carriage wind deflectors get damaged all the time when drivers pull up against a curb or a snow bank. Mine
became partially loose and broke away. I think this is a possible design flaw because it shouldn't happen under normal use!

I would like to know if other Alero owners have had similar experiences and if the problem was remedied by the Dealer or the Company?


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    alcanalcan Member Posts: 2,550
    Have you considered not running into things?
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    new_car_every3new_car_every3 Member Posts: 2
    Just got the 2001 Alero GL2 2 weeks ago. The 1st time I pulled up to my driveway that dumb thing scraped the concrete. Now I have had too many cars to mention that I've pulled up on that same driveway that never scraped the bottom. Even an Acura NSX didn't bottom out!
    I'm going to ask the service dept if it would have adverse effects on the car to remove that deflector.
    Will keep you posted on the results.
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    rkw2rkw2 Member Posts: 66
    I have teh same problem on my 2000 GL3. I posted this question a few months ago. Apparently there is some plastic hanging low that is being scraped and this is not supposed to cause any damage. I have to enter and exit my car at a certain angle to avoid the scraping. On muy driveay a lot of cars scrape bottom. After the snow melts I paln on adding a piece of wood at the end of the driveay to hopefully stop the scraping.
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    new_car_every3new_car_every3 Member Posts: 2
    Our Oldsmobile Service Manager said that the wind deflector must be left in place due to the limited grill area not allowing enough airflow for engine cooling.
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    fatjuanfatjuan Member Posts: 14
    anyone with fuel pump problems?? mine went out at 17,000 miles
    and is on "national backorder"
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    blautensblautens Member Posts: 14
    Yeah, mine (1999 Alero GLS coupe) scrapes on parking stops, some driveway entrances, etc...but so did my 1990 Ford Probe GT (why, oh WHY did I trade that beautiful car on this rotten Alero?), and half the other sports cars I've driven. It's unusual for such a tall sedan/coupe to have a low hanging body piece, but not for other cars.

    You can get over it. Besides, it's just black plastic....the scrapes aren't noticeable, like on some other cars with painted pieces. The great news is, the interior water leaks, warping brake rotors, inept dealer service, and plunging resale value (not that it was ever good) will take your mind off that scraping noise. Cheer up!
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    mfuller1mfuller1 Member Posts: 17
    The wind deflector on our Alero's doesn't do a damn thing for cooling. I broke mine off an a snow bank a few months ago (I hate winter) and felt the need to replace it. The part is actually a pretty heavy duty piece of plastic, so it'll take a substantial hit to break it. But, as I found out while replacing it, the deflector actually holds the radiator in place from the bottom! No kidding. It is held on by 4 bolts, 2 on each end. The bolts screw directly into the frame of the car from underneath. A royal pain to replace if you-re working alone (someone needs to hold the radiator up) and don't have jack stands.
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    wndavis191wndavis191 Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem, going into driveways and parking lots that NONE of my other cars would ever hit bottom on. The deflector can't be doing anything to funnel air into the radiator,
    since it is so short, and also straight vertical, and probably bends back a little as the car speeds up. The only thing I can think of is that it's purpose is to scrape and make noise to alert the driver to stop and back up, in order to prevent damage to the oil pan and suspension components.
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