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Horn does not work 98 TC

gotrekgotrek Posts: 8
edited August 2014 in Lincoln
I have a 98TC. A few weeks ago the horn stopped working. When I push the button in the center of the steering wheel nothing happens.

How do I fix it?


  • rnrgotornrgoto Posts: 2
    BE fore you start to work in front of the car remove your Ground From the Battery then the Positive side of the Battery and wait 2 /3 Minutes I would first ask if you have a volt and ohm meter to check if you are getting power to the horns 1. Pull the connector from the horn and connect the meter to the connector and have someone push the horn switch. If your getting power their your ahead of the game just change out horns. 2. If your not getting power there you need to check the horn relay ( located behind air filter on the drivers side the relay box is between air filter and fuse box) pull the cover and the relay is on the last row nearest the Engine and fuse box. check the relay if not working replace. 3. If still not working you might have a bad clockspring or horn switches. Hope this helps.
  • gotrekgotrek Posts: 8
    I think we have a multi-meter at work. I'll ask tomorrow night.

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