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My Mazda B2000 quits running when it gets hot

reddog71reddog71 Posts: 1
My 86 Mazda B2000 quits running when it gets hot. Sometimes it will spit and sputter and than it just dies and we have to put starting fluid in it to get it started back and then it runs fine until we get back home. We have put alot of new parts on the truck dealing with fuel related problems that we thought would be the problem but it stills continue to act up.


  • it starts up fine when cold, but when the weather is hot, once the engine warms to normal temp,
    it dies...left me stranded at a 4way stop the other day. (4cyl. w/carb)

    i'm thinking it may be an ignition module going bad, so i have one on order, but any ideas will
    be much appreciated.
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