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Multiple problems w/ Mazda5

roykojackroykojack Posts: 3
Have you had multiple problems with your Mazda5?


  • roykojackroykojack Posts: 3
    Purchased my 2006 Mazda5 the day before I relocated from Virginia to Illinois in Aug 2006. Less than a year of owning the vehicle my Husband and I discovered broken glass in our tire well. We contacted the salesman at the dealership we purchased it from, and he told us unless we show proof, by checking CarFax, of it being previously damaged there was nothing they could do for us. We had it inspected by the local dealership in IL, and they discovered lots of glass in the hatchback paneling yet there was still no compensation (trade-in of vehicle.)

    A few months later we began to notice a squeaking noise in the rear while driving normally or hitting bumps. The car sounded like an old squeaky horse buggy. Took car into local dealership on several occasions and because sound did not duplicate nothing was done. We were told it was because of the cold weather. Several months later sound continued off and on, drove car to Texas on a family trip and took it to their local dealership just to get a second opinion. Within 20 mins we were told that our rear suspension was defective and needed to be replaced - this was covered by warranty. We still hear that squeaky sound sometimes.

    Doing this time we were experiencing the car pulling to the right and vibrating also. Took to local dealership and we were told our front tires were worn on the inside and needed to be replaced after 1yr of owning the vehicle. Tires were replaced and rotated a couple of times and the same problem happened again. We have replaced all 4 tires twice in less than 3yrs.

    I also had an accident when I felt like my steering wheel locked up on me. I was going less than 20 miles about to turn a corner when my car slid and narrowly missed hitting a car and hit the curb. Thanks to the curb I avoided going down an embankment into a ravine with my 3yr old son in the car. Car was in local dealership repair shop for a month. Once car was returned I had to take it back because steering wheel would not return when you made turns. Car went back to repair shop for 2 weeks to replace steering column.

    It is so disheartening to have all these issues with the car because I love the style, size and interior of how it is made. No, other car manufacturer has the 3 row seating, size or gas mileage as the Mazda 5. However, after writing several letters to the Corporate office and Attorney General's office I have received no compensation or sincerity from the Mazda Corporation.

    I think a class action suit should be filed against Mazda for the injustice they have served to American Consumers! Especially after reading similar issues and concerns that other Mazda5 owners have experienced!
  • dona83dona83 Posts: 67
    Sorry to hear about your woes but this is probably why everyone should stay away from the first year of a new generation unless they don't mind being a guinea pig. My 07 has absolutely no problems as most issues from the 06s were resolved by then.
  • Thanks for your response, but you just got lucky. Because I have spoken with some 07 owners that have had issues. I believe all Mazda5 owners are guinea pigs at this time. I don't think Mazda even has confidence in this vehicle, because it does not get any advertisement like the other Mazda models!

    I hope Mazda eventually gets it right!
  • mikpetemikpete Posts: 4
    Your steering problems sounds like it might have been related to the massive recall of Mazda5s due to power steering failure, but I think they only recalled 2007 to 2009 models. See the following article: ng-problem-to-500000-cars/

    However, I had suspension issues with my 2007 that were resolved with a Technical Service Bulletin that my dealership claimed did not apply to my model. Bulls**t. I complained to Mazda corporate, and they made the dealership fix my suspension as per the TSB. Therefore, I am thinking that maybe the steering problems also apply to the 2006 models... woth looking into for sure.
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    I know this is an old post but....

    1. There is a TSB for the power steering system.
    2. There is a TSB for the "legendary" clunck, squish, thump, et. al rear suspension noise.
    3. If the glass was broken in the shipping process or at the dealership because of a non-accident related issue then there would not be any Carfax history because it was simply replaced and not reported to any insurance.
    4. The Mazda5 may have been new here in the US back in 2006 but the "Premacy" as it is called over-seas has been offered since 1999. So ghinea pigs only to a certain extent.
    5. Mazda's in general are very well known to eat up tires fast. Probably related to the sporty geometry of their suspension. I also gave a CX-9 and it eats tires in about 20-25K miles.

    Sorry to hear about your problems.
  • Im also a disappointed owner, i done went to the bbb they did nothing They wanted toblame me for everthing. There need to be a class action law suite mazda dont stand bnehind they cars.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    You might have more credibility with your comments if they were written better! Just saying...... ;) Plus, your comments about a "class action" suit are comical.....
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