What to look for in high mileage 2006 Forester

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We are looking at a 2006 Forester with 127,000 miles on it. the'06 seems to have good longevity but are we asking for trouble buying with such high mileage? What should we look for when we get into the specifics of this car? Should we expect to be repairing a lot of stuff this early on because of high mileage? This will be a first car for teenagers, who snowboard for fun and deliver pizzas for a job. Seems like the ideal vehicle, safe, reliable(?), handles well in snow (we live in Chicago). PRice is $7000.00 which is low but, I;m thinking it's because of the high miles. Any thoughts?


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    Any thoughts?

    Head gaskets, head gaskets, head gaskets. Budget for eventual replacement, but the $7000 price would seem to leave room for that.
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    I thought the Head Gasket problems ended around 2004? I've seen nothing about it for the 06, or is this something that comes on at a certain age? What I've read is head gasket replacement before it hits 100,000 miles, but maybe I'm wrong and this could hit at any time with this model.
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    Mileage is not necessarily a determining factor with the head gaskets. Incidence of the problem is certainly reduced versus older models, but not altogether eliminated.

    I don't think 127,000 is really that high of mileage, but the timing belt should have been replaced (and documented!) and the significant services (such as 90K ,120K) should be done as well. If those cannot be documented, then I would assume them to not be done and price the car accordingly (especially if the car is going to be subjected to a teen driver!).

    Be certain to check a few things such as the CV boots, brake pads (and smooth braking), transmission operation, etc.
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    I just sold my 06 Premium Forester with 14K miles on it for $14K, so the price on that vehicle is undoubtedly due to the mileage.

    The vehicle sounds like a good fit for what you need it for, but as with any used vehicle the most important stuff is how well it was maintained. If oil changes and other wear items were performed when they should have been done it should be ok. Do you know the history and how many owners?

    Spending a few dollars to have a mechanic check things out would certainly give you piece of mind, and not throw the price/value out of line.
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    Agreeing with the comments already made above.

    The 06 Forester won JD Power's Durability Award, so you're buying the most durable 06 compact SUV out there.

    Take care of it, and it should take care of you. Good luck. :shades:
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