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2009 Sonata Clutch Problem

cnyguycnyguy Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Hyundai
We are having problems with the clutch loosing pressure and going straight to the floor when pressed. It will come back up and act normal after pumping it a time or two. Do a search on the net and you will see several Hyundai forums that mention this problem. Here is one over on the Edmunds Answers page

: odically-Clutch-dropped-floor-week-Any-ideas-100034.aspx


  • I have the same problem at 25,000 miles. Hyundai dealer said today they could not fix it if it wasn't broke, and I understand that. So now I am searching the WEB for details to make my case. I suspect the Master Clutch Cylinder is "By-Passing" for some unknown reason, check valves or something.
  • I had the same problem yesterday with 2009 Sonata 28k; was downshifting going down a hill with my Son in the car. Taking to dealer Monday. They did say that CLUTCH IS ONLY COVERED BY 12 MONTH/12K WARRANTY, NOT THE 10 YEAR/100K AS IT IS A CONSUMABLE. This is absurd; I am 55 and have driven stick shifts for 40 years (My mother at 87 still drives on); I have never had any of my cars need a clutch until well after 100k (did have a '74 Mazda that had to have a clutch cylinder repaced at 60k). Any word on Warranty Coverage from anyone?
    When I worked at my local Hyundai dealer as Service Consultant, I ran into this issue on several occassions. The clutch is considered a wear item after the first 12k miles/12 months of ownership. The only way around that is to get the Hyundai District Service Rep. involved. He and only he can approve coverage under warranty not the Service Manager. Hope this helps.
  • I have the same problem starting at 28000 miles and has slowly gotten worst and it feels dangerous, i am going in tomorrow friday 9/24/2010 to see what hyundai has to say. I will keep in touch. David
  • Guys, I don't think the "2009 Sonata Clutch Problem" is with the Clutch. Now, since I have experienced this "Happening" on many occasions, it is my opinion that the problem is in the "Clutch Master Cylinder" by-passing somehow through the internal piston or check valves.

    When I had my Sonata in for the "Clutch Problem", they wrote it up as a clutch slipping problem. Of course, I didn't see that until I had my car back and the paperwork was in my hands.

    I was told by my salesman that "Any part that is lubricated or touches oil is covered by the 100 K Warranty???

    Changing a clutch is a major under taking, changing the "Clutch Master Cylinder" should be quite easy if you have to do it your self.

    On Hyundai's Web-Site there is a Hyundai USA - Recalls / Campaigns link. I wrote them about the problem I was having, that link Forwarded my information to their Consumer Affairs team.

    If we all contact Hyundai in this way, maybe, just maybe they will issue a "Recall".
  • cliff5cliff5 Posts: 5
    edited September 2010
    I bought a 2010 Sonata in Sept'09 - so it is the same car as a 2009. After 2 weeks we started getting a problem with difficult gear changes (not smooth 1-4) and very difficult engagement upon pull-away in first often resulting in stalling or wheel-spinning. Occasionally i would attempt to change gear and after neutraled it would not go into gear (crunch) as if the clutch had gone. if you have ever had a clutch go or right near the end of it's life you'll know what I'm talking about. Took the car in 4 times over 9 months.."no-problem found" In my final letter I hinted at a safety issue (stalling) and stated that this would be my last visit and I would pursue the matter further with Hyundai. The dealer had the car 8 days, called and told us they had found a problem.."this is a double flywheel clutch and it's biting too low../..we will install a new clutch unit under warranty.." WOW, you cannot understand my relief!! However it is now 27 days in the shop, Yes, TWENTY-SEVEN days. Should be ready tomorrow. The car has 17000km's.
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