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Just purchased 2011 Camry, Dash light problem?

dirtyharrywkdirtyharrywk Posts: 9
edited August 2014 in Toyota
I just purchase a 2011 Camry SE and I love it. I didn't notice this problem because it was not dark out. When it got dark outside I turn the headlights on the dashboard and radio lights turned off. This is odd. The dealership is closed tomorrow. Any thought or comments? Am I missing some secret they forgot to tell me at the dealership.

Thank you,


  • adamw812adamw812 Posts: 32
    Turn the knob on the dash that resets the trip meters and the dash lights should brighten up
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    edited August 2010
    When you turn on your headlights, the inside lights go into dim mode, the intensity which then is controlled by the knob that adam mentions. Because the headlights are on it must be dark outside, so the inside lights are dimmed as appropriate to avoid glare.
  • OMG!! I feel like an idiot. I was looking for a dash dim switch, but couldn't find it. My Rav4 has a separate knob.

    Thanks guys
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    First couple weeks with any new car tends to be interesting, just figuring out how everything works, and trying to understand every noise and vibration.
  • Yes, There is a problem in Camry same as yours and dealer could not fixed it 3 times trying. Toyota CS told me to go to TX lemon's law for arbitration. Bummer. As you guessed it Toyota don't care.
  • dirtyharrywkdirtyharrywk Posts: 9
    edited August 2010
    I'm not sure what you are talking about macg4genuis. If you read the thread two other people assisted me and it turned out to be nothing with the car. I have owed several Toyota's and out of all the different cars I have owned they Toyota vehicles have been the best. I've owned a few Fords and had some problems, but nothing major. I've owned several GM cars, I could go on forever on the countless problems I have had. Same goes for Dodge, the Dakota and the Intrepid... both were horrible cars.
  • Glad to hear good story. I have owned same way different makes of cars and same experience. I bought Toyota for reliability. I have getting problem from different dealer for getting warranty service. I am sure you did not have problem getting service from dealer for GM Ford under warranty. I had heard good about Toyota CS being so good, I bought the car. I had problem with dealer getting Radio replaced after it was diagnosed faulty with one dealer for 2.5 months, I had to go to different dealer to get it fixed in 7 days. But then I had to take car 3 times to same dealer to get instrument panel intermmittant lighting get fixed but no avail. Toyota CS told me go for arbitration . If dealer does not have clue how to fix the problem then factory have to guide them which they are refusing to do. They say that dealer do not see problem means no problem. But dealer does not test drive at nights when lights are on and hence they can not duplicate problem. I talked my mechanic who was head Mech at a local Toyota dealer. He told me he know where the problem is and has fixed problem in at least 4 Camry's. It is a common problem of wire shorting behind instrument panel.
  • I don't believe this, with a car as prestigous as the Toyota Camry...but press on the lower chrome pieces around the doors. Yep, the move and make a sound like they are not firmly attached. I went to Delray Toyota...and they said nothing could be done..I also called Toyota.and they said they do what their dealers say. Wow, no, it is not serious but it sure does make the build quality seem a bit lower than what it use to be. BTW, I love my Camry..but am dissapointed in the little fit a finish items that are a whole lot lower quality than I am use to with Toyota.

    Jimmy Drew
  • I am the only one to experiene, I have checked...maybe I am the only one that cares..

    Jimmy Drew
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