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Liberty vs FJ Cruiser

overloadedoverloaded Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in Jeep
I've recently inherited house in the country, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

My city winder sedan had the hardest time getting to it when I went to check it out the first time and it was a nice sunny day.

The Road is pretty difficult and then there are a few miles of dirt trails with rather steep inclines, and other hazards of that nature before getting there. So since I'm going to be going there frequently now, I decided I need an off-road capable SUV to navigate this more so when its raining, muddy, snowy etc...

However this new SUV needs to be my every day car, since I'm selling my sedan. I pretty much narrowed it down to a Liberty or a Toyota FJ Cruiser. There seem to be differing opinions on these, from "Interior is rather bad" on the Liberty, to "Limited Visibility and awkward door design" on the FJ.

So I was hoping for some first hand info on these ae they really that bad? Is there something better in tat price range, and size. Trunk size is important as a wife and a dog can use up a lot of trunk space quickly.

Opinions, thoughts, advice is welcome.

Thank you.


  • robsisrobsis Posts: 162
    The FJ is not bad to maneuver at all...and the 2010 has both backup sensors and a backup camera. I used to drive an Avalanche and the FJ is a piece of cake in comparison....

    Now, as to Liberty vs FJ, if you want a reliable vehicle, the Liberty would be totally off my list. I'd see if you can drive an FJ for awhile to see if you can handle the visibility issue. If you can, you will certainly appreciate all it can do over the liberty, not to mention your pocketbook savings. Sorry to say, buy IMHO, Jeeps are cool in many ways, but suck when it comes to reliability...and the Liberty fits that bill. :)
  • Thanks for that. Not sure I like a truck that needs a backup sensor, and a backup camera to operate. But I guess can always schedule a test drive and see how I feel.

    As far as the Liberty's reliability I'd like to ask: How is it not reliable? So far I've read it has some sporadic issues with the power windows (hopefully something they'll fix for the 2011 model), some noise with the canvas sun roof which is expected since its canvas, but I haven't read anything that points to it being unreliable like just up and dying on you out in the country side or on the highway.

    Gas Mileage may not be too good, but I wasn't expecting good mileage from a 4x4. According to some reviews, its just a mile under the FJ in Highway, and only 1 or 2 under FJ for the City. Hardly a deal breaking difference.

    I am concerned about the FJ's door design. Don't want to have to get out in the middle of a storm or blizzard, because the doors won't open inside the garage.

    Or in a packed Parking lot. I've been to some where you can barely open the door enough to get out, let alone having enough clearance to open the rear door in the opposite direction.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    I own a 2005 Jeep Liberty Limited CRD (diesel) with over 71K miles on it. I have been satisfied with it's reliability. It has a very stout suspension, a strong engine and a fairly good drivetrain. The four wheel drive portion of the drivetrain has been flawless requiring only servicing every 25K miles. The engine has been good and I have had only one software failure on the engine controller. It is an easy vehicle to service if you have the aptitude to do so. For what it is, it handles reasonably well but the ride is a bit stiff on road. On trails and unpaved roads, it is a blast to drive.

    As for Toyota, their quality has taken a nose dive in the past few years. Look at all the recalls and look at the coverups that Toyota perpetrated to hide flaws from the public. I would rather own a Yugo.
  • robsisrobsis Posts: 162
    The FJ is unique and not for everyone. A test drive would be recommended, for sure. As to reliability, I go by CR and, as a retired accident reconstructionist, my many mechanic friends. They all like Jeeps for concept (so do I, BTW), just not longevity or practicality...most are happy to make all the money they do from constantly fixing the various Jeep products that they service....they appear to nickle and dime you to, if you like it and purchase the extended warranty and then sell before the warranty is dead, you may be OK.

    The FJ, BTW, is made in Japan at the Hino Truck plant. I haven't seen anything come up about their products at all that is negative or has been recalled for major safety reasons. The debate is still open as to some of Toyota's recent issues with some models; however, THIS truck has not been any of those news stories about unintended acceleration, etc.

    As to the post that someone would rather own a Yugo, I think that speaks for itself. I saw them in accidents a few times.....nuff said. Toyota deserves some of the bad press that they are getting; however, calling a Yugo a better vehicle is just loony Toyota bashing for bashings sake.

    Back to the FJ, as I've said, it is NOT for everyone. Definitely try it. You may hate the visibility, doors, cabin, etc. I wasn't considering mine as I thought the wife would absolutely hate it. She fell in love with it and drives it with ease...and that truly surprised me. It ended up truly fitting what I needed in a vehicle, so I bought it. You may feel the same, or walk away shaking your head. It's a very personal choice, especially on this vehicle. It's not like a Camry or an Accord comparo.

    Heck, there are some smokin' deals right now on '10 Jeep Grand Cherokees, so much so that even with an extended warranty, you would be way below the cost of an FJ or a well equiped Liberty. They are practically giving them away with the new redesigned '11s on the lot....and it might fit your needs, too.

    Good luck in your search. (But stay away from that lime green yugo ;) )
  • coolgamcoolgam Posts: 2
    I test drove the fj just today and really like it a lot. I own a Sequoia and want to down size. I think it's cool looking, i drove it with no problem, I was checking to make sure my black lab & shepard mix would fit in the back. My only problem is i'm not an off road person and am used to alot of power stuff. I'm still debating, but i am a grandma and i didn't have a problem with the visability and i did like the back up camera (in the rear view mirror).
  • Thanks for all the input, I've scheduled a test drive for both, for next week. Lets see how I get along.
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