Lexus RX 300 door locks

gmkanegmkane Member Posts: 5
My passenger door lock recently stopped working. A local car repair shop (much cheaper than Lexus) wants about $500 to replace the actuator. Would it be wise to try to find a used one. Hard hard is it to take off the door panel and install this device?


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    You may find this informatitve:

    You should also have a look at Lexus RX 300 Door Won't Lock or Unlock.

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  • casino2casino2 Member Posts: 26
    It is best that you purchased a new one because a used can fail prematurely. The labor cost and the time is the factor. I had a 2003 Lexus LS 430 and both front passenger and drive side's door actuator stop working. My 2001 Lexus RX 300 driver's side just replace recently after 10 years. My cousin with a 2003 Lexus GS 300 front driver's side was down. They don't make aftermarket part for these Lexus.
  • gmkanegmkane Member Posts: 5
    Ironically it started working again a few months ago and is still working. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it will continue to work!
  • dashworthdashworth Member Posts: 6
    My door lock has worked flawlessly since buying the car new in '99. However, when locking with the key button, all doors will lock (as they should), then 2-3 seconds later, they unlock. Locking the car must be done manually by inserting the key in the lock cyclinder. Ideas???
  • dashworthdashworth Member Posts: 6
    Any further ideas on the door lock issue above (auto unlocking after remote lock)? My dealer hasn't a clue what might be happening but thinks I should replace the driver side locking mechanism. Complex issue overseas where the closest dealer is 2000 KM away!
  • ab124ab124 Member Posts: 1
    dashworth, have you had any success? I have a 2003 LS430 with the same problem. I would like to fix it on my own but need instructions and a place to buy parts.
  • la4meadla4mead Member Posts: 347
    There are some good ideas including "piggy-back" installing a cheap, universal power door lock solenoid (actuator motor) without removing the old one from the lock. I haven't done this yet, but want to when I can find the time.
  • casino2casino2 Member Posts: 26
    It depends how long you are going to keep your car. I recommend buying a new one. A used is good but how long it will last. You also have to factor the labor cost. I don't think they make aftermarket parts for door locks for Lexus.
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