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About Subaru Super Coolant

pilot1226pilot1226 Posts: 166
edited July 2014 in Subaru
Hi all,

Our `09 Legacy has around 25k miles on it now, and we've been following the manufacturer's 3.75k maintenance schedule.

One of the next upcoming services is the 30k service, which our local Subaru dealer charges $569.95 + tax (7%). Usually, we get a coupon in the mail a month ahead of time for a 10% discount.

This service includes:
Oil change, filter change, oil additive, fuel injector cleaner additive, fuel system cleaning, cooling system service, transmission fluid service, new cabin air filter, lubrication of prop shaft and all hinges, new engine air filter, rotation, balance tires, multi-point inspection and a battery service.

They have several recommended services as well, and I usually do not accept these because they are add-ons from the dealer and there's no mention of them in the owner's manual:
Heater/AC Service, alignment, brake fluid service, power steering service, front/rear differential service, and transfer case service. (Disclaimer: This doesn't mean that I don't get an alignment, etc, if the car isn't driving properly.)

Now, the point of this post is to question what exactly they're doing with the cooling system service, as this would save me $149.95 from the original sticker price. Their service is listed: "Using specialized equipment, we will thoroughly expel and clean the components of your cooling system, including radiator, heater core and block. Recommended every 30k miles."

Looking quickly at my Owner's Manual, I noticed that our `09 Legacy has the "Subaru Super Coolant" so I'm thinking that we don't need to get this extra service because we should be good for the 10 years, per owner's manual specifications.



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds like a flush and fill, one that isn't really necessary. I'd pass and save big bucks.
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