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I am having a problem with the 2001 honda s2000 not wanting to go past the 6000 RPM point intermittently - cuts off and slams my head into the windshield under hard acceleration. Anyone have knowledge?


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    But isn't it possible you have an RPM fuel cutout limiter that is not quite repeatable?? This could be a blessing in disguise. Testing 6000 rpm isn't doing engine or fuel economy (your wallet) any good anyhow. I just checked the specs and didn't realize max HP is at 8300 RPM. Needless to say fuel cutout shouldn't be kicking in at 6000 rpm.
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    1) VTEC will not operate properly unless the engine is warmed up. VTEC operates under the conditions of RPM and oil pressure and temperature. It's a precise calculation so therefore if you just started the car and don't have those 3 bars on the temp gauge, then don't rev to VTEC.

    2) check your fuses if this is a persitent problem

    VTEC kicks in at higher RPMs to generate more HP - that's why Honda engine have happy high revving engine thru the higher profile VTEC cam. As with any engine, revving it high needs to be done on a warmed up, clean oil eating, clean fuel, etc engine.

    Honda performance cars such as the Civic SI, Prelude, S2000, Integra, NSX are meant to be revved in the range near fuel cutoff and redline. That is the purpose of these vehicles. Their efficiency is derived from the fact that HP is generated on the top end.
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    I had that problem once,(cutoff at appr.5000,but figured it out. The Engine needs to warm to go to redline.I agree 100% with jhuang
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    Two Honda dealers advised me that the S2000 was a limited production model with U.S. delivery capped at a figure of 5000 cars per year. The dealers also stated that the car would not be manufactured after 2001. This statement influenced me to buy the the car as limited availability directly affects the car's ultimate resale value.

    I called Honda North America today and, in passing, asked them when production of the S2000 would cease. Honda AN says that they have no such plans to discontinue production of the car. Has anyone else been told by a dealer that the S2000 was a limited production model?

    BOW lost a class action suit in connection with similar representations made about limited production of the M5 in the 1980's. I am curious as to the extent to which dealers are making what may be an important misrepresentation in order to induce buyers to purchase the car. Any insight from others out there?
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    Noticed a message in S2000 Rev problem that S2000 is limited production? I was told the same thing by dealer when I went to test drive. Was told 5000 per year made last year and this year and that this year was last year they were going to make this car? Was even told that this would cause resale value of car to GO UP. Any truth to these statements?
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    Perhaps they're planning to raise the redline & rename it S2002. Or perhaps they've decided
    a "letter-number" name isn't appropriate for a
    Honda and are planning to either give it a
    "word" name or rebadge it as an Acura.

    They'd have to be nuts to dump a hot selling
    model like the S2000 unless they had something
    similar to replace it with. If they really are
    planning on dropping the S2000 it'll prove they
    deserve to be in the crappy financial state
    they're in. Hmm... I think they'd also deserve
    to be part of GM if they did that. GM loves to
    drop models right after they get them perfect.
    (Impala SS for example).
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