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Volvo XC60 Navigation System Sensis

calliocallio Posts: 1

I'm trying to find out whether the 2011 Volvo XC60's nav system has been changed at all. Does anyone know?



  • Yes, and No. The 2011 will not have any significant changes to the interior, until about mid-model-year. At that point it will have the new S60 style Podless dash with new Navigation system. The steering wheel gets a nice makeover too, including strong aluminum accents.
  • Right on target....that is why I am waiting to purcahses the mid-year 2011 model. BTW, Volvo factory has confirmed this updated Nav system though my dealer and we are conferring with a production date to place my order.
  • The factory will produce the upgraded navigation system effective November 21.
  • Need to lease a car by December 5, 2010. If I buy a 2010 2WD can I have the dealer replace the navigation with the new one coming out? And most of all is the 2011 that much better then the 2010? thanks for your help
  • No, you will not be able to replace the old nav with the new version. Yes, the new version is much better.
  • As a former Ford property, how is it, or why is it that Volvos do NOT offer voice activiation of ANYTHING -- you would think that the Synch system would have been a gift from Ford.

    I find the inability to command the phone to "call home" verbally confusing, to say the least.
  • juxtajuxta Posts: 44
    The new navigation system will be voice activated.

    I just ordered my XC60 yesterday and the salesman said anything produced after Dec. 31st will have the new nav system. Something about the previous navigation licenses expiring at the end of the year.
  • The 2011.5 XC-60 has SENSUS and new navigation. Production changed on November 22.
  • ...And what is the general consensus of the Sensus nav system???

    I sat in a new S60 for 45 minutes the other day trying to figure it all out. I am experienced using the one on our Infiniti and I was having a difficult time figuring out this one. Maybe once you get the hang of it it's ok.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • lvmecarlvmecar Posts: 2
    :sick: we are having persistent issues with the media panel. It seems to have a mind of its own on when it wants to serve. It will not start most of the time and then suddenly kick in randomly. :lemon: ?

    Anyone else has this issue?
    Dealer says Volvo is aware of the issue and they are wating on a s/w update.

  • Is the Volvo navigation system DVD based or is it contained on a hard drive?
  • idmdidmd Posts: 23
    A HD based unit would've been a nice addition to a car this expensive.
  • juxtajuxta Posts: 44
    It uploads via DVD and has a HDD (which is obsolete should be SSD but oh well).

    I just spent a few hours upgrading the map software via 3 DVDs and I could hear the HDD spin and click.
  • juxtajuxta Posts: 44
    I got my navigation map update DVDs in the mail yesterday (v30.11.2). Despite a user-unfriendly interface and some crazy instruction steps, I got the update to work. I didn't notice any new roads added in my local area and no new features were added to the nav system. Oh well.

    The instructions say the update will take 4-5 hours (mine took about 4 hours), which is bad enough. But the instructions also say the engine has to be running the whole time to avoid the batteries being run down which untrue thankfully. The downside is the nav system won't work until disc 2 is uploaded completely.

    I found out that you can do most of the update, but probably not all, with the car engine off and still not run down your battery.

    To do this, first make sure the vehicle is off completely. Next, push and hold for 1-2 seconds the green ON button on the entertainment console (top half of the left knob). After you release the ON button the entertainment system should come on as normal so you can listen to the radio, see the NAV screen, etc.

    The console will be active for 20 minutes before it shuts off automatically, so this gives time for the 1st DVD to start. The first DVD takes about 2 hours to load completely, so you will have to come back to the vehicle every 20 minutes and turn on the console again. The DVD update will pick up where it left off each time you turn back on the console.

    When you leave the vehicle and close the door, after about 30 seconds the instrument displays will turn off so the only thing on is the console.

    Even though only the console was on, I eventually got a low battery indicator toward the end of the third disc, but that went away after idling the car for 10 minutes (and afterward I wound up taking a 40 minute drive to run errands). So after completing each disc, it might be best to idle the vehicle for a few minutes so you don't end up with a dead battery.

    The instructions are here:
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    I have a 2011 that I picked up in Sweden last April. I received a box of DVDs for the map update and had no luck with the install. It says the install can take 4 or 5 hours and that it will pause and restart when you stop and start the car. I got it started but it would not restart after stopping my car. This partial installation also deactivated the voice commands. My dealer said to bring it in and they would do it for free. They couldn't get it to work either and had to keep the car for two days to get it all sorted out. They ended up upgrading to Sensus 3.0 in the process. When they called to say the car was ready the tech said that just after they completed my car another car came in with the exact same problem. Mine was the first they had seen with the problem. And they sell a lot of Volvos at this dealership.

    I noticed several improvements with the new version. 1) It seems to connect to my phone faster and easier. (It is a Motorola Photon Android phone.) I had to futz with it previously to get it connected. Now, since I had to redo all my connections and settings, it connected right away. 2) There is a new listing of "Trip Statistics" that lists trip duration and some other info that I haven't fully explored yet. It is in with the "My Car" settings, etc. You can set it to reset after every trip or not. It is a good addition. I have wanted that information several times since getting the car.
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