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Highlander MAF/idle problem

pipertravispipertravis Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Toyota
My 2001 Highlander has been driven in dusty Senegal for a few months now. Shortly after arriving it started having trouble with cold starts (very low idle and stalling). I eventually got it to spit out codes for Mass Air Flow Meter and Throttle Position Sensor (P0100, P0110 and P0120), both of which I recently replaced, but I'm still having the same problems. Mechanics (and diagnostics) are very hard to find in west Africa. Can anyone help with potential suggestions for the next step here? Once the car is running at normal idle, it's fine, but this sometimes takes several minutes when first starting. Although it is not necessarily only when the engine is cold. I have cleaned out the air filter recently, too. Any other ideas?

Other info:

-car is 6cyl. V6
-CEL is not on; only came on once and went off when diagnosed
-I notice there is huge range of prices for new MAF meters. Is it possible I bought a cheap- non-effective one?
-Does this car have a separate Air Intake Sensor or is this part of the MAF?


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