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1996 Toyota Land Cruiser value

agom0603agom0603 Member Posts: 6
My Landcruiser blew a head gasket and my mechanic told me that it's dead. He's showing interest in buying it because he found an engine to put in it. The car was garage kept, so there's no rust, a few little scratches and dings. The engine only had 72k miles on it. I just put 4 new tires on it, has runners, grille guard, moon roof, roof rack and CD player. Since the engine is dead, how much is the car worth. He's offering $500-$1000 for it. Is it worth more than that?


  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
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  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Member Posts: 110
    Very difficult situation. A lot comes down to how much you trust the mechanic. And if the car is immobile it is difficult, though not impossible, to get a second opinion.

    What were the circumstances of the car stopping?

    I very much doubt that the used car pricing site can help you account for the engine situation, which, if true, will be the overwhelming determinant of the car's price.

    Have you thought of having it repaired?

    A friend went through the exact same situation with an X5 and got a couple thousand from the dealer. Very depressing situation.

    Good luck.
  • believebelieve Member Posts: 74
    sorry for being so late with my response, but maybe it will help the next person out.
    bottom line, the guy is taking complete advantage of you! That vehicle is worth a lot more than a grand in parts alone. I would have taken (towed it) to another mechanic in a heart beat. The biggest problem today is finding one (mechanic) that isn't going to steal from you. There are some very honest and respectable ones out there, you may just have to search for a while.
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