New GTI owners seeking answers from veteran owners

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I spent nearly six months researching and collecting data on Hondas, BMWs, Toyotas, American muscle, and finally Volkswagens. I was fascinated by the loyal following the GTI has. But, the price was quite high and availability limited. After I finally decided on the WV GI I was lucky to find a silver(which I understand to be the most difficult color to find) 2000 GTI VR6 with 5,800 miles with a CD changer, euro front plate, and eyelids of the front lights for sale from a local dealer. I was able to buy it for an even $20,000. Not bad.

OK, so as a new owner, here are some thoughts and questions. I love the car as it actually exceeded my expectations in many areas. Many of the things I didn't like have really grown on me.

Questions: Aftermarket chip upgrades:
*Does Volswagen make any?
*What upgrades are reccommended in tandem with a chip upgrade? ex. exhaust, air system.
*Is there a manufacturer of chips that you would reccommend?
*Cost and horsepower?

Traction control:
*Do you turn off the traction control all together when driving in snow?

Overall, I feel proud to be a VW GTI owner. Most people have no idea what we drive. They see a little hatchback and ask, how much did it cost? Why did you buy that? I chuckle inside at their ignorance. Thay have no idea until they drive it and then say, holy *&^%, This car's nice...

Any other new car driver advice is appreciated


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    Congratulations on your purchase. I'm waiting for delivery on a silver 2001 GTI GLX, too. I had an '87 GTI 16V for 10 years. They're great cars and a huge amount of fun.

    VW Vortex: has a Forum section that will address all your questions. There's both a discussion for A4 owners and a separate discussion for the VR6.

    If you want, e-mail me ([email protected]), and I'll send you a folder of links to VW sites for aftermarket parts that I've created from European Car.

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    I really like the silver. If I ever, and I don't know that the day will come, that I decide to sell my VW, I really think the silver color will help and charge a premium. It's a bit more sophisticated and may attract the buyer on the fence deciding on a GTI or a sedan.

    Question: What was your dealers response when ordering a silver GTI? Was the availability less than that of the same car in a different color?

    Finally, please send me the links for Europeans cars. Much appreciated.

    By the way, 2001 GTI's have the steering wheel controls for radio and cruise control which I would really like but don’t have. Nice. I'd also like to see the steering wheel heated.
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    Go to

    Excellent site
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    For any compact car enthusiast, they will find that the vw gti is the mother of all. Back in late 85 i bought an 86 GTI 8v, i still to this day own this car. The only problems i have had, aside from normal wear, is the odometer broke at 188,000 miles (4 years ago), however the odometer fixed itself and now reads 198,000.

    For advise on keeping your older vw running forever use Synthetic Oil (5w50) and high octane gas. This will keep your vital engine parts clean and protect them from any type of corrosion.

    One year ago i purchased 1998 GTI VR6. Silver, beautiful car. After the test drive off the lot, i needed no more convincing to buy this car. The only modifications i have made is the neuspeed pchip, that adds 22hp, and eliminates governor and rev limiter. For a car that is as small in size and weight a fast 2.8 liter 200hp car kicks a lot of [non-permissible content removed] off the start, but even more on the highway, 60-100 in a blink of an eye. As an owner of GTI's you can drive by a civic hatchback or crx, and just laugh.
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    Does anyone know if there are going to be major changes in the GTI design in 2002.
    Also, why are they so hard to get...
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    Even though, it took me more than two hours to finally get this price, I am still wondering if I am getting a good deal paying MSRP?
    Dealers claims, GTI are scarce in the bay Area (San Francisco), so he cannot give me a better deal.
    IS he full of it?
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    I just bought a 2001 GTI GLS with Monsoon sound, but it didn't come with a CD changer installed. I've considered going back and buying a changer from the dealer, but I've heard it would be quite expensive. Can anybody recommend a 3rd party changer that would be compatible with the factory VW stereo? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.. Steve
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