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Dodge Caravan with increased hydrocarbons

morellrjmorellrj Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Dodge
I own an 1995 Dodge Caravan with a 3.0 motor with 82,000 miles. The problem is that this vehicle recently failed the PA state emissions test. The problem is that the hydrocarbon level is high at idle but drops down to an acceptable level at 2500 RPM. I have since replaced spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, PCV valve and a bad fuel injector only to have the same results on retest. It runs a little rough at idle but runs fine off idle with no hesitation. My next step would be the oxygen sensor. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


  • I had a similar problem n my caravan,
    the 3.0l v6 is notorious for burning
    oil,especially at idle, that may produce higher amounts of hydrocarbons,and on mine (a 93 carvan),thr burning oil cased troublw w/the oxygen sensor,this is the only thing i canthink of is your engine light ever come on? hope this helps <
  • I have a 2000 Dogde Caravan Base with 2,200 miles. I just noticed some oil coming from the left side of the engine. Any suggestions? Should I take it to the dealer inmediately?
  • a car w/just over2k miles,youd b stupid not have it looked at i assume its under warranty?
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