GMC Envoy Sounds Like a Diesel Truck

reverleyreverley Member Posts: 1
I own a 2006 Envoy 4x4, auto. When starting from a stop (in auto select drive) it sounds like a big diesel truck but the transmission is shifting fine. Could this loud "blower" sound be the fan clutch? Once driving the noise goes away until I stop and start again.
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  • ugltrkugltrk Member Posts: 16
    My 02 Envoy does that at times, sounds like the fan clutch. Bill
  • cnkoch1cnkoch1 Member Posts: 2
    My 2004 as well, and then started to over heat if I had the A/C running. Clutch fan replacement fixed all.
  • dalebranchdalebranch Member Posts: 3
    my 2003 envoy had that same problem last summer. was the fan clutch. dealer wanted $7-800 to replace. clutch comes with fan as one unit. runs $3-400 for the part alone. mechanic charged me $580 to do the job. have to drop the radiator and rent a special tool to remove the fan from the main drive yourself ($60 bucks or so.)
  • pepito51pepito51 Member Posts: 16
    This occasionally happens when I start my 02 Envoy in the garage for the first start of the day. It's real loud. After I go a few blocks, it usually calms down to normal. I assume it is the fan clutch thing, too. I haven't been eager or excited about fixing it, since it's intermittent, and goes away fairly quickly after I drive a little bit. Is it mainly just a nuisance that is not causing any damage/problem? i.e., is there any technical reason to fix it, if I can live it with on odd occasions and it goes away?
  • lydiasolydiaso Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2006 Envoy Denali with 86000 miles on it. I've noticed when driving for long distances it will start to sound like a diesel. This seems to correspond when it is low on oil, which GM can not explain. It sometimes uses 2 quarts of oil between the 3000 mile change.
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